A democratic socialist from New York became overly dramatic after hearing two congressmen complain about her being a difficult person.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) started the week voicing concerns about criticism she claimed came from Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) on July 21. She accused political opponents of expressing their “disgust” of her theory that poverty and unemployment caused crime to jump in New York City during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“You are out of your freaking mind,” Yoho allegedly said, according to The Hill

The congresswoman became upset after the Republican congressman was “rude” to her.

“I never spoke to Rep. Yoho before he decided to accost me on the steps of the nation’s Capitol,” she said on Twitter. “Believe it or not, I usually get along fine with my GOP colleagues. We know how to check our legislative sparring at the committee door but hey, [expletive] get stuff done.”

Ocasio-Cortez also accused Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) of participating in the heated exchange, even though he said he was just an innocent bystander.

“Gotta love Republican courage from Rep. Roger Williams: when he undeniably sees another man engaged in virulent harassment of a young woman, just pretend you never saw it in the most cartoonish manner possible and keep pushing,” she said on Twitter. “He is lying, by the way. He joined in with Yoho.”

Although neither Yoho nor Williams commented on their social media pages about the incident, the Oval Office expressed serious concern about extreme elected representatives.

“The radical left Democrats, who totally control [Joe] Biden, will destroy our country as we know it,” President Donald Trump said on Twitter. “Unimaginably bad things would happen to America. [Just] look at Portland, where the politicians are just fine with 50 days of anarchy. We sent in help. Look at New York, Chicago, [and] Philadelphia [too.]”

Ocasio-Cortez previously urged her 7.6 million, social media followers, to stop buying Goya Food products and make Adobo sauce at home instead. Her reaction came after the company’s chief refused to apologize for speaking highly of the president at a White House roundtable with Latino leaders on July 9.

The attempted boycott ultimately backfired with a growing chorus for a counter ‘buy-cott’ where people buy Goya products to show their support. The president and his daughter, White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump, showed their support for the manufacturer by sharing photos of themselves with Goya products on social media.

A charity drive on the GoFundMe website has already attracted more than $320,200 in donations to buy Goya products and give them to food banks for distribution to the needy.

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