The Democratic Party’s nominee for president appears to have formed a habit of copying ideas from Chinese communist dictators.

Joe Biden has been caught repeatedly plagiarizing historical speeches from CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Chairman Mao Zedong.

Biden recently used a televised interview about his decision to nominate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his vice president to cite a Marxist saying.

“I did not feel pressure to select a black woman but what I did think … is that the government should look like the people, look like the country,” he told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “Fifty-one percent of the people in this country are women. As that old expression goes, ‘Women hold up half the sky,’ and in order to be able to succeed, you have got to be dealt in across the board.”

The remarks brought sharp criticism from WMAL DC radio host Vince Coglianese who knew the full context of the saying. He revealed the expression had nothing to do with empowering women, and was actually about enslaving women in forced labor.

“Mao said this in 1968 [and] it was a phony statement about advancing women,” he said on Twitter. “He was pushing them into the workforce to serve as labor for the communist party. The communist revolution … made [women’s] interests subordinate to collective goals.”

Research from the Heritage Foundation supports this view since Mao was instrumental in growing the nation’s forced labor camp network, also known as “laogai.”

“All the while Mao kept expanding the laogai, a system of 1,000 forced labor camps throughout China,” fellow Lee Edwards said on the Heritage Foundation website. “From the 1950s through the 1980s, 50 million Chinese passed through the Chinese version of the Soviet gulag. Twenty million died as a result of the primitive living conditions and 14-hour work days.”

Li Zhisui, Mao’s personal physician for more than two decades, described the dictator’s refusal to brush his teeth as repulsive and treatment of women as sexual predatory in his book, “The Private Life of Chairman Mao,” which he published after escaping China to Chicago, Illinois.

“Many of the women that Mao slept with were daughters of poor peasants who Li said believed that sleeping with the chairman was the greatest experience of their life,” the book said according to the Mao’s private life and sexual activity website. “Mao was happiest and most satisfied when he had several young women simultaneously sharing his bed, and he encouraged his sexual partners to introduce him to others.”

Mao also allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual relations with underage women.

“Chen, the young woman with whom Mao began sleeping in 1962, was 14 [and] the chairman was born in 1893,” the website said. “Chen, [much later] then 57, she was no longer the pretty slip of a girl in the pictures she showed me of her in the Chinese Air Force singing and dancing troupe, which had entertained Mao and his senior colleagues in the chairman’s enclave in Beijing’s Forbidden City.”

This is not the first time Biden quoted Mao as he previously cited the same saying in an earlier interview with the ABC.

“We have got to get real economic relief into women’s hands now,” he said at a fundraiser according to Fox News. “Women hold up half the sky.”

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