Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), during an interview on Friday night, March 5, pointedly criticized trade and economic policies implemented by Democrats for decades that led to American workers competing directly with slave labor. 

During an interview on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Hawley discussed a wide range of issues including unemployment and illegitimate labor competition.

“Communities have suffered because jobs are being shipped to China and shipped overseas to the highest bidder,” Hawley told host Lawrence Jones before claiming that Democrats have allowed that to happen “to enrich themselves.” 

Returning jobs to Americans

Hawley went on to say that the time has come to, “bring those jobs back to create opportunities in our urban core and rural areas for American workers.”

Hawley highlighted the policies of the Republican Party, and specifically the actions taken by President Trump, which largely reversed the damage done by Democrats and leftists over the past three to four decades. 

He further stressed that the Republican Party should aim squarely at strengthening work of Americans. “If we are not the party of working people, we will not have a future as a party. That’s what Donald Trump showed us and that’s the way forward,” Hawley said. 

Hawley went on to emphasize the importance of getting workers to get jobs and skills training without having to pay for an expensive four-year college education they don’t want.

Democrats’ target

Hawley also highlighted the contradiction in Democratic policies. While they maintain their voter base among the most vulnerable sectors of society, most notably African Americans, Latinos, and Asians, their globalist policies and permissiveness with dictatorial regimes like China have led to those sectors being deeply affected over the past several decades.

“Well, how about bringing jobs back to our urban core from overseas?” Hawley proposed. “Why don’t we start there? Why don’t we start with the disastrous trade policies and economic policies that the liberals in step with a big corporation have pursued for 30, 40 years and who’s been hurt most, working folks, African Americans working folks, Latino working folks, white working folks, Asian working folks, you name it. They’re the ones whose communities have suffered as these jobs have been shipped off to China. As these jobs have been shipped overseas to the lowest bidder to the lowest wages.”

President Trump’s policies, in four years have led to reducing U.S. unemployment to record levels in almost every trade and industry. Local production multiplied as never before, including in the manufacturing and energy sectors. 

However, the new Biden administration after just a few days in office seems to be trying to destroy all the gains in job creation achieved during the Trump era. 

The open borders policy is driving the 18 million unemployed Americans to compete in the labor market with huge numbers of illegal aliens willing to work under poor conditions and for little pay. At the same time it doesn’t protect labor sources by burdening job providers with high taxes in order to offset huge public spending. 

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