The elections are three days away, but the more radical left-leaning Democrats are already thinking about a Democratic Party without Biden and with Kamala Harris as the leader of a reformed structure with more young and left-leaning people.

Axios released a report Friday morning, Oct. 30, citing how many on the left see current senator and presidential candidate Harris as the face and leader of what Axios called “a post-Biden Democratic Party.”

Progressive leaders somehow see Harris, if elected vice president, as their way into a post-Biden Democratic Party where power will be in the hands of a younger, more diverse and more liberal people.

If Biden were to win the presidency, Harris would become the first woman, the first African American, and the first Indian to serve as vice president of the United States. All characteristics that today represent the most radical left.

Harris is seen as the tool for bringing the left to the top of political power in the United States. And she will instantly be seen by many as the first in line for the presidency in the possibility of a second term. 

“People believe Biden when he says ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘We need to address racism in our nation,'” BlackPAC founder Adrianne Shropshire told Axios. “But they also believe he’s old school, and in order to solve these problems we actually need newer, progressive ideas—and voices that actually have some experience, direct or indirect, with the problems we’re talking about.”

Glynda Carr, founder of Higher Heights for America PAC, is dedicated to electing progressive black women to public office. Referring to Harris, she said, “She’s going to put a racial and gender lens on everything that they talk about in their administration, and that’s been lacking.”

“I hope she builds on being the only black and Indian woman to ever serve in this role, but I’d love to see her also not treat that as symbolic,” said Alicia Garza, co-creator of the radical leftist Black Lives Matter movement and founder of the Black Futures Lab, in the Axios report.

According to Axios this support from references on the American left for Harris puts her in a tense position in front of Biden, who will have to face the pressures of Harris and the leftist movements that support her.

Regardless of who wins the election, what is clear is that Harris represents the left wing at the top of the Democratic Party hierarchy, and she and the movements that support her will increasingly seek to infiltrate the top of power in order to impose their influence and progressive agenda. 

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