Portland Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler publicly admitted defeat and acknowledged that policies implemented to “combat” organized crime on the extreme left failed and consequently requested federal assistance to address the rising tide of violence by groups such as antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

Since the violent protests began in early 2020 in different parts of the country, President Trump has offered to help combat the crime of revolutionary leftist groups that, disguised as “social justice” discourse, only seek to destroy the system through violence in order to impose their socialist agenda. 

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chad Wolf, sent a letter on Monday, Aug. 31, to Wheeler, urging him to request federal help to fight crime, which he has evidently not been able to do since. 

Wolf’s letter was in response to a public letter sent by Wheeler three days earlier, dated Aug. 28, in which he said, “Dear President Trump: Once again, you said you offered to help Portland by sending federal police to our city. On behalf of the city of Portland: No, thank you.” He even continued to assault President Trump and among other things accused him of his offer being “demagogic.”

Four months after this crossover, Wheeler at a press conference admitted defeat and called for cooperation from federal and state forces. 

Following the announcement of his failure, Wheeler said, “In response, it will be necessary to use additional tools and expand the limits of the tools we already have to end criminal destruction and violence. It is time to push back more strongly those who are determined to destroy our community and to take more risks in the fight against lawlessness.”

Wheeler called on federal and state law enforcement partners to work with him to develop “clear plans to address anarchist violence. He also called on the Oregon Legislature to increase penalties for individuals who commit repeated acts of criminal destruction and vandalism.”

Nothing very different from what President Trump offered in May of last year when he began offering the help of the National Guard to combat the protests carried out by anarchists, looters and criminals.

“I have strongly recommended to each governor that he deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers so that we can dominate the streets. If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary then I will deploy the United States military,” said President Trump.

Many governors quickly accepted Trump’s proposal and with the help of the National Guard, many of the states involved were able to control the situation.

It was not the case in Oregon, and specifically in the city of Portland, that its authorities surrendered to the forces of the left, allowing decontrol to reign.

It was only now that Wheeler decided to accept federal aid, having lost eight months in which anarchy reigned and violence increased as never before, many people died, hundreds of businesses were destroyed and many will not reopen.