The screen that broadcast the Democratic National Convention showed duplicate images of the virtual participants during the speech of the candidate for the vice presidency Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), which generated criticism.

Apparently the attendance of the followers was so low that it did not fill the 30 sections of the big screen transmitted to the general public, so they avoided the empty spaces by duplicating some of the faces, trying to camouflage their repetition, however, the ruse was discovered by the viewers.

Trump Deputy Director of Communications Zach Parkinson noted the case in a tweet. 

“Apparently, the DNC couldn’t even find 30 people who were excited about Kamala Harris, so they had to duplicate someone’s livesteram,” Zach wrote.

The Parkinson’s tweet was forwarded by another of Trump’s campaign members, showing more duplications. 

“Mother of God, there are more,” tweeted Andrew Clark.

The next day the 30 sections were reduced to 16, which they also couldn’t fill, so some of them were signs for the convention logo, as noted by District Media Group founder and President Beverly Hallberg. 

These shortcomings were commented on by Townhall columnist Matt Vespa, who considered the two presentations to be inadequate. 

“Duplicates look bad. Empty spaces look bad. The truth of the matter is it reflects how Democrats feel about Joe Biden. It’s not impressive,” wrote Vespa. 

Vespa also believes that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden does not fit the profile of a candidate required by Democrats.

“No one wanted Joe to be the 2020 nominee. The base is more left-wing. Joe is not, though he’s been forced to adopt a Sander-esque platform,” Vespa added. 

The convention gave the Republicans a chance to also showcase publicity that exposes some of the issues that have been criticized to Biden. 

“Outside the Democratic National Convention 2020, great work, Trump students,” tweeted user @theisabelb, who attached a video showing several vehicles with illuminated banners on aspects of Biden that have been criticized.