Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elisabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told an Atlanta school choice activist Thursday, Nov. 21, that her son attended a public school when her own campaign team said something different.

Powerful Parent Network activist Sarah Carpenter confronted the Democrat during a protest she organized for Warren’s visit to Atlanta, according to The Free Beacon.

Activists shouted, “Our children, our choice,” according to Fox News, before Carpenter confronted the Democrat personally.

Warren’s educational proposal implies that children would have to attend the schools that correspond to them by their residence address.

In addition, Warren believes that charter schools, which are open to all children wherever they reside, should no longer be subsidized.

This would mean that people who cannot afford private schools would not be able to choose their children’s school and the type of education they want for them.

“We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids because I read that your children went to private schools,” Carpenter told Warren.

“I can’t pack up and say I’m leaving behind and going to Germantown (…) because I can’t afford it,” Carpenter said. “My daughter can’t afford it, so we want to make what we got great whether it’s charter or traditional.”

Carpenter reproached Warren who wants to prevent parents from freely choosing the education they want for their children when, in fact, Warren choose to take her children to private schools.

The candidate denied this point: “My children went to public schools,” Warren told Carpenter.

However, according to the school yearbook obtained by The Free Beacon, Warren’s son, Alex attended Kirby Hall School for at least a year. The school’s yearly tuition is $17,000.

In addition, Warren’s campaign team told Fox News that “Elizabeth’s daughter went to public school. Her son went to public school until 5th grade.”

And this is not the only time the Democrat lied to reinforce her narrative.

Warren recently said she was fired from her job as a teacher of special needs students because she was pregnant with her first child.

“When I was 22 and finishing my first year of teaching, I had an experience millions of women will recognize. By June I was visibly pregnant and the principal told me the job I’d already been promised for the next year would go to someone else,” Warren said on Twitter.

However, in a video of an interview many years ago, Warren herself tells a very different story.

Warren said she did not have enough training to do the job of teaching children with disabilities so that summer, when she was pregnant, she decided to go back to school to get the necessary courses.

“I did a couple of courses and realized this wasn’t my thing,” Warren said. She went on to say that she decided to have her baby and stay home for a couple of years.

Warren has also been heavily criticized for claiming in official documents that she was of Native American race, something for which she was forced to apologize and which caused many people to nickname her “Pocahontas.”

“Well, I think [Warren] is guilty of saying she is Native American, without proof, and then using it for applications for college and for political reasons,” explained the descendant of the real Pocahontas on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Show.”

“And all that was wrong, for her to do it all this time,” she added.

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