Top Colorado Democratic strategist Ted Trimpa said that former Vice President Joe Biden is one of the weakest Democratic nominees that the party has had in recent history.

“It’s true—Biden is probably one of the weakest Democratic candidates we have had in some time,” Trimpa said during a recent oil and gas energy summit, according to The Colorado Sun’s newsletter, The Unaffiliated, reported Fox News.

Trimpa expressed concerns about Biden’s age and his acuity, saying, “Because the guy is 78 years old and you have these wonders: Is he just going to fall over?”

However, the Democratic strategist appeared to change his course after Biden addressed his speech at Democratic National Convention.

“It’s clear. Anyone who thought there was no more oomph in @JoeBiden, you’re wrong,” Trimpa wrote in a tweet. “Just watch him. He’s in it to win it. Passion for the people. Passion for being principled.”

Biden and the convention as a whole have drawn criticism for not talking about law enforcement and violent protests that plagued a number of cities across the country.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) accused Biden of having “surrendered to the socialists in his party.”

“How could somebody who is running for President not even mention the violence happening night after night after night in major cities across America?” McCarthy asked. “Joe Biden has surrendered to the socialists in his party, whose only agenda is to defund the police.”

President Donald Trump in a Friday interview with Fox News’s Steve Hilton, condemned Biden for ignoring the important issue facing the nation.

“It was the shortest speech they say ever made of its kind, so it was short,” President Trump said in the interview, which is set to air on Sunday night. 

“Didn’t talk about law enforcement, didn’t talk about what’s happening in all these Democrat-run cities like Chicago, New York, Portland, and many others. I thought that would have been a big—big factor.”