Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) has introduced a bill seeking to prevent former President Donald Trump from becoming the House speaker in case the Republican Party wins majority the chamber next year.

The resolution, introduced on Monday, July 19, would require that only elected members or delegates be eligible to serve as the speaker of the House of Representatives.

“The Speaker of the U.S. House is second in the United States presidential line of succession. That Donald Trump’s name would even be tossed around as a potential speaker in the people’s house, should serve as an alarm bell that our current requirements need to be amended in the name of protecting our nation and our democracy,” Boyle wrote.

“As such, our laws should mandate that the Speaker be a member of the U.S. House,” the Democratic congressman continued.

“This legislation would establish that mandate in very clear and direct language, and it would serve as a check against those who would seek to undermine and derogate the authority and responsibilities of the Speaker’s office,” Boyle added.

Boyle released the resolution amid the speculation that the former president could launch a bid for the House speaker in 2022.

Forbes citing the Constitution said that Article I, Section 2 gives the House the power to “choose their speaker and other officers” without any specific requirements. However, no non-House members have become the House speaker in the history.

Trump’s spokesperson confirmed in June that he has zero desire to be Speaker” of the House, though he had earlier called the idea of serving as Speaker without pursing a run for Congress “so interesting,” according to The Hill.

Meanwhile, the former president has been publicly flirting with a bid for the White House again.

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