Mark Levin dedicated a segment of the Aug. 24 Fox News show to debunk the conspiracy theory of the Democrats that President Trump is trying to steal the election by sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and also talked about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with CCP Virus.

The host began his program with a montage of images from CNN and MSNBC in which both the news anchors and their guests, including Democratic congressmen, certainly push the idea that President Trump months before the election is slowing down the mail service, stealing mailboxes from around the country, saying that if he does not win the election, he will declare it fraudulent, and that he does not want people to vote because he is afraid of losing.

Former presidential candidate and climate change advocate Al Gore appears saying, “He’s [Trump’s] putting his knee on the neck of America’s democracy,” alluding to the death of George Floyd. 

Levin exclaimed, “You can imagine how the people who watch CNN and MSNBC how disinformed they are?

Levin presented the facts that belie the conspiracy theory of the Democrats and mainstream media.

First and foremost, voting by mail is the responsibility of states that are independent of the federal government, that is, Trump has no power over those elections.

Based on a report by the Politico, Levin pointed out the main factors that could make the mail-in election a complete disaster:

  • Ballots arriving on time: If ballots don’t arrive on time, you can’t vote and delays in the mail are commonplace.
  • In fact, some states have their own election laws; they require that ballots have postmarks on Election Day, others require that ballots arrive in the mail on Election Day.
  • Clerical errors on ballots: Clerks and people who fill the ballots make mistakes ranging from not putting the stamps in, to not closing the envelope properly, to not signing the ballot, to forgetting personal information. If any of these things fail, the ballot is invalidated. In 2018, 8.2% of votes were not counted due to human error.
  • Casting the ballots is one thing and counting them is another: the states are not prepared for a massive vote. The voting rolls are not updated properly. There have been cases of people who are registered in two or more states and the votes go both ways. Also, if all the votes arrive on the same day, it could take weeks to count them all.

In the New York primary election, 20 percent of the ballots were invalidated solely on the basis of outward appearance, that is, because they did not meet the requirements for filing. In Wisconsin 6% of the votes were rejected and in Nevada 250,000 ballots were nullified.

With respect to the mailboxes, Levin pointed out the statistics of the period between 2011 and 2016, in the Obama-Biden era, when 14,000 mailboxes were replaced within the mailbox collection program. When a mailbox receives less than 25 pieces per day, it is removed, others are replaced due to old age or vandalism. 

Levin wondered why the Democrats and mainstream media are so keen on voting by mail and he gave his theory: They want to flood the system, overwhelm it, create anarchy, and seize power.

Levin said the Democrats want to create a constitutional crisis. When the ballots do not arrive on time, when there are irregularities in the voting, when after weeks the results are not known, there will be a wave of litigation against the federal government and this can generate chaos and a collapse in the judicial system. In fact, Biden has hired 600 lawyers for these lawsuits, Levin said.

Levin asked his guest, Hans Von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation, if the $25 billion the Democrats want to give the USPS will solve the mail problem.

Von Spakovsky said it wasn’t a question of money. The mail has been mismanaged for decades, and attempts have been made to modernize it to function as a company like Fedex, for example, but the mail unions have been adamantly opposed. 

“There is no sabotage here going on, except by the Democrats,” concluded Levin.


The second topic of the Life, Liberty & Levin program was the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with the CCP Virus for which Levin invited Yale University public health professor Dr. Harvey Risch.

Levin wondered why, when most studies say the drug is effective in CCP Virus patients, President Trump has promoted it, as have many doctors, the media and Twitter and Facebook have censored or disqualified it.

Risch said, “The evidence is overwhelming that patients who are treated early with this drug substantially reduce the risk of hospitalization and mortality.”

Risch added, “And there’s been a massive disinformation campaign that stretches from government to the media. That is either suppressing this message or is countering with a false message.”

Risch explained that the few studies that show negative or neutral results and which are used by FDA following Dr. Fauci’s advice, were performed on patients under 60 years of age without CCP Virus conditions, people who can overcome the disease on their own and in whom the drug shows no beneficial effects. 

“So those are low-risk people, and we are not talking of low-risk people. We are talking about people who are over 60, or with corona conditions, or obesity diabetes, and so on. Those are the people who are at risk of being hospitalized and dying from this illness, those are the people who have to be treated,” Risch explained. In this group of people, the results have been completely positive.

Levin asked the professor if people with asthma or heart disease are at risk of dying if they use this drug, and the doctor said no, but like all drugs, it has to be prescribed by a doctor who knows the patient and can follow up. “In general is a very safe medication,” Risch said.

Finally, Levin consulted the professor about reports in the media, particularly one from The Washington Post, which accused the president of promoting a drug that is killing more and more people.

Risch responded that they did not specify what type of patients were those who had died. If they were people who were already in the last stage where nothing was working and they gave him the drug, that relationship could be established.

“You have to be very specific about what kind of patients you are referring to when you make statements like that,” Risch said.

Risch concluded that “somehow politics overruled science” and the media has managed to silence this message, although now more and more people have stepped forward to speak publicly of its benefits.

An independent general physician, Dr. Mariana Colombres Garmendia, when asked what the reason might be behind this censorship effort, said that perhaps there is opposition to hydroxychloroquine from Big Pharma because this compound is so cheap and easily available.

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