At the Democratic debate on Oct. 15, moderator Anderson Cooper questioned Joe Biden about the reason why President Trump ‘falsely’ accused his son of wrongdoing while stressing that there has been no evidence of any misdeed by the Bidens. 

In reply, Joe Biden insisted on their inculpability, claiming that he just “carried out the policy of the United States in rooting out corruption in Ukraine.”

Cooper further mentioned Joe Biden’s recent statement that he would not let his family or associate involve in any foreign operation if getting elected.

Cooper went on to ask why was it acceptable for Biden’s son to engage in foreign operations back to the time when his father was vice president. 

Joe Biden made no further comments  but underlined that the focus should be put on corruption and President Trump’s dealings.

Hunter Biden repeatedly blamed the president for spreading a “ridiculous conspiracy idea” involving his work in Ukraine and asserted that he did not discuss his business decisions with his father, according to The New York Times. His father claimed the same.

However, in his exclusive interview with ABC News, he said that he had a “brief exchange” with his father about this matter. 
In the same interview, Hunter acknowledged that he had shown poor judgment “in retrospect,” when sitting on board of Burisma Holdings.
He failed to explain why such a position was offered to him, a man of no experience of the field, except the fact that he is the son of the then vice president, as put out by The Hill contributor Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University
According to The New York Times, Hunter’s sudden public comments signal the level of concern among Joe Biden’s allies that the younger Biden’s overseas dealings had become a “potentially damaging liability to his father’s campaign, and are the latest in a flurry of actions pro-Biden forces have taken to mitigate the issue this week ahead of the debate.”