Election security and technology expert Russell Ramsland said in an interview with Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly that significant information that could change the results of the 2020 election race will be released in the coming days.

“I think that there is going to be some information coming forth in the next few days that is going to drastically change the playing field,” Ramsland said.

Ramsland is the co-founder of the team of experts from Allied Security Operations that was charged with conducting the audit of 16 Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan, following the report of thousands of irregular votes that were moved from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The audit conclusion revealed that “the Dominion Voting Systems is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

The analysis of the machines also established that Dominion’s system has an error rate of 68.05%, and according to the report, is well above the Federal Election Commission’s permissible election error rate (of 0.0008%).

Ramsland assures that there is “tons of evidence” about the electoral irregularities, however, he affirmed that the courts have decided to ignore the irregularities throughout the country, detailing that it was complicated for President Trump to win this way, since the lawsuits are dismissed in court.

After Dominion’s machines were examined, 13th Circuit Court of Michigan Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer allowed the results to be released, and the company’s CEO testified under oath before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee in response to allegations of election fraud.

Poulos’s statement focused on calling the audit report “categorically false and technically incomprehensible,” yet Dominion’s CEO did not address questions about whether poll workers were properly trained, whether vote tabulators could use a USB drive to add votes to a candidate, or how vulnerable Dominion systems are to piracy.

A manual vote count Wednesday confirmed that Antrim County cast a false result by declaring Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner since 9,759 votes were corrected for President Donald Trump, versus 5,959 for Biden.

Initially county officials reported that Biden had received 3,000 more votes than President Trump, after two days they again reported that President Trump had won by about 2,500 votes. A third review on Nov. 21 certified President Trump as the winner with nearly 4,000 votes.

Several officials claimed that the irregularities revealed were due to human error, then the Allied team, along with attorney Matthew DePerno, assured that the anomalies were a product of the electoral system of the Dominion machines.

While the corrections in the results did not have a significant impact on the state’s general election, those close to President Trump see it as an opportunity to look for audits of Dominion machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, according to the Washington Examiner.

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