An investigative journalist has uncovered explosive evidence linking the Obama administration with Burisma Holdings, just weeks before the prosecutor investigating the company was fired after Vice President Joe Biden exerted pressure to do so.

Just before Biden forced the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor heading the investigation into the gas company his son Hunter Biden was involved with, that same company had lobbied the Obama State Department.
On Monday, Nov. 4, John Solomon, an investigative journalist, released stunning evidence of several meetings that were organized between officials of the Obama administration and Burisma officials, during the 2016 election period. The memos are part of documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama on TV news with election results in the United States where Donald Trump has become the 45th president on Nov. 9, 2016. (Shutterstock image)

On Feb. 24, 2016, a State Department official sent an email to Undersecretary of State Catherine Novelli, discussing a Burisma representative referring to allegations of corruption against the company as unfounded. Hunter Biden’s name “was specifically invoked by [a] Burisma representative as a reason the State Department should help, according to a series of email exchanges among U.S. officials trying to arrange the meeting,” noted Solomon, reports The Blaze.

The email reads:
Per our conversation, Karen Tramontano of Blue Star Strategies requested a meeting to discuss with U/S Novelli USG remarks alleging Burisma (Ukrainian energy company) of corruption. She noted that two high profile U.S. citizens are affiliated with the company (including Hunter Biden as a board member).
Tramontano would like to talk with U/S Novelli about getting a better understanding of how the U.S. came to the determination that the company is corrupt. According to Tramontano, there is no evidence of corruption, has been no hearing or process, and evidence to the contrary has not been considered. Would appreciate any background you may be able to provide on this issue.

According to Solomon, Novelli was the “most senior official overseeing international energy issues for [the] State [Department],” during that time, and “Tramontano was a lawyer working for Blue Star Strategies, a Washington firm hired by Burisma to help end a long-running corruption investigation against the gas firm in Ukraine.”

The meeting between Tramonanto and Novelli was scheduled for March 1, 2016. Another meeting was set for the next day, March 2, 2016, between Burisma board member Devon Archer and then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

This happened just weeks before Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to the Ukrainian government unless the prosecutor looking into his son’s company, Victor Shokin, was fired.

In a sworn statement, Shokin said he was fired because of pressure from Vice President Biden, as he had refused to drop the Burisma investigation.
During the July 25 phone conversation between President Trump and the Ukrainian president, President Trump mentioned the firing of Shokin when asking President Zelenskiy to investigate Hunter Biden. The House Democrats are now pursuing President Trump in an impeachment inquiry due to a complaint by a “whistleblower” over that phone conversation.

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