Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), said the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak marks a turning point in relations between his country and the Chinese regime since the latter manufactures much of the medical supplies.

“They feel they have the power to threaten our people if we hurt their feelings, if we extend the travel ban,” Cotton told Breitbart News.

The risks of the Chinese communist regime taking advantage of the fact that much of China’s basic pharmaceutical ingredients are manufactured on its territory raise the need to reassess relations between that regime and the United States, Cotton said.

In addition, Cotton highlighted President Trump’s work to raise awareness of the regime. He also regretted the mistakes made in this regard over the past 30 years by previous administrations.

“President Trump has done a very good job with, frankly, Republicans in Washington over the last four years to make them think a little bit less like corporate managers a little bit more like American patriots first,” Cotton said.

Cotton said he is pushing hard for the bill to provide enough masks for the protection of health care professionals because they “can’t be made,” as medical supplies are.

He also deplored that Democrats had interfered with the passage of the bill introduced by Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.).

“We cannot create a new doctor and nurse, and if they don’t have the masks they need to protect themselves while caring for our people, it will be a travesty, and it will be because the Democrats put trial lawyers ahead of doctors,” Cotton said.

He also took the opportunity to refer to Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, and his misguided view of the Chinese regime.

“Joe Biden, as Robert Gates said, “has been wrong on every major foreign policy question of the last 40 years,” said Cotton. “Because he still doesn’t believe that China is a competitor of ours. He still calls the Chinese Communist Party ‘good folks.’”

He condemned the Chinese regime’s behavior in concealing the Wuhan virus outbreak, rather than acknowledging the problem and calling for help.

“But no, they acted like communists. They suppressed information. They visited people in the middle of the night who tried to blow the whistle on this virus, and now look where we are,” Cotton added.

The Chinese regime not only kept the outbreak of the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan, Hebei Province, hidden for nearly two months, but also censored all information about it.

The Chinese regime censored any information about the Chinese application known as WeChat, reported the Wall Street Journal on Friday, March 6, and some were punished for alerting their colleagues about the virus.