The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) of the British government suggested that GPS tracking should be implemented to monitor people’s movements in quarantine for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus infection or people who arrive in the country and must remain in isolation. The idea generated intense controversy as it was linked to controlling practices typical of communist and dictatorial governments. 

Faced with pressure to develop a solution to international visits, the UK Ministry of Health authorities announced that “electronic monitoring” utilizing GPS tracking of mobile devices is a possibility that has been raised and could be implemented, according to the British media The Times.

“Electronic monitoring would help improve declining quarantine compliance,” SAGE advises.

While the Times indicated that government sources reported no immediate plans to implement the measure, it is not ruled out for the near future.

In late January, the chairman of the Commons Health Committee, Jeremy Hunt, also came out in favor of the Orwellian measure, saying the government should consider using GPS to track Britons who were ordered to isolate themselves after testing positive for the CCP virus.

According to Hunt, a former health secretary, “the blockade is not working fast enough” to curb the virus because too many people with symptoms are not being quarantined, Breitbart reported.

“Closing borders and quarantining hotels is a sensible step, but we won’t address the heart of the problem unless we address domestic transmission,” Hunt wrote on his Twitter account.

The pioneers in this type of control system to “prevent” contagions of the CCP virus could not be other than the CCP.

In fact, in February 2020, when the world was beginning to hear the word COVID-19 for the first time, the CCP had already implemented a mandatory cell phone app for its entire population. The app ensures people who should be in quarantine are and informs those in the vicinity of an infected person or a person with symptoms.

Also, the punishment for not respecting isolation under the CCP includes imprisonment for non-compliance with the rules. According to reports received during 2020, numerous cases of death and disappearance were detected.

These control practices are typical of totalitarian governments. In discourse, they try to convince the population, often successfully, that the measures are for society’s welfare. Still, in practice, they function as a perverse mechanism of the state to monitor and take away freedoms from citizens.