As the count of the presidential election vote proceeds slowly, a major contradiction emerges in the results for the Republicans, which does not cease to worry.

The Federalist’s executive editor, Joy Pullmann pointed out that while supporters of President Donald Trump managed to get his party to retain the Senate and increase seats in the House, they apparently voted against his re-election, she said on Nov. 5. 

In addition, “Trump has solidified his support among Republican voters and enjoys a massive approval rating from them he didn’t have in 2016, and expanded his coalition to more working-class and minority voters this year,” Pullman reinforced.

She added, “This is not the year of the blue wave. This is a year in which the blue wave of 2018 seems to be receding,” referring to the Democratic Party.

She also questions, “We’re supposed to believe the GOP had a great election night except for president?”

Pullman also noted that the Democrats, after months of self-proclaiming themselves as the outright winners in Congress under the supposed Biden presidency, turned out to be losers.

While the vote count is not yet complete, which has certainly been a bumpy ride in key states under Democratic rulers, they are the losers.

Still on Tuesday, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Illinois) president of the Democratic campaign, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), spoke of their potential gains. 

“I think we’re going to see some victories in these bright red districts that will eventually go from ruby red to purple to even blue,” Bustos said according to USA Today. 

But despite these predictions, instead of gaining 15 more seats in the House, as they expected, they will most likely lose at least 10, and in the Senate they may gain only one.

They did not fare much better at the state level where the results were very even and despite their millions of dollars in electoral investments, which were greater than those of the Republicans, the results were not favorable. 

The defeat was such that several Democratic congressmen regretted having turned to the extreme left, and having promoted slogans such as those of defunding the police.

This is what Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), said, according to the Nov. 5 Daily Caller, “We lost races we shouldn’t have lost. Defund the police almost cost me my race bc of an attack ad. Don’t say socialism ever ever again,” Spanberger said as tweeted by reporter Erica Werner @ericawerner.

In a vote count marred by multiple allegations of fraud and other irregularities, President Trump filed several lawsuits seeking to have the will of Americans respected.

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