While conservative media outlets such as Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network, endure intense attack by leftists and Democrats to prevent their broadcasting, the acting chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Jessica Rosenworcel, has yet to offer her protection. 

Rosenworcel, earlier opposed the sanctions the Trump administration tried to impose on some media outlets, known as “Fake News” calling them an “assault on free speech,” according to The Federalist on Feb. 23. 

Now, it is Reps. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) who seek to block conservative media, instigating 12 major broadcasters to apply censorship filters. 

Thus, they refer to “disinformation rumor mills and hotbeds of conspiracy theories that produce content that leads to real harm,” referring to the conservative media. 

The House Telecommunications Subcommittee will review the “dissemination of disinformation” allegedly allowed by certain broadcasters and cable television networks, sharpening Eshoo and McNerney’s attack.

In the face of these measures that infringe on the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment, Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr filed his protest.

Carr charged that Democratic lawmakers threatened in their letter, “These regulated entities will pay a price if the newsrooms, if the newsrooms in question, do not conform to the political narratives preferred by Democrats.” 

And he qualified the statement by saying, “This is a chilling transgression of the free speech rights enjoyed by all media outlets in this country.”

He added, “I ask my colleagues at the FCC to join me in publicly denouncing this attempt to stifle political expression and independent news judgment.

He continued, “Debate on matters of public concern should be robust, uninhibited, and wide open.” 

Some other actions of the Democrats seem to tend to corner citizens with conservative political preferences, as is the case with a controversial bill that apparently threatens to replace civil liberties.

It is the one pushing the so-called Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 (DTPA) that is causing concern among Americans.

For author Robert Wheeler, “The DTPA is essentially the criminalization of speech, expression, and thought. It takes the cancellation culture a step further and virtually outlaws unpopular opinions,” he wrote on Jan. 27 on The Organic Prepper website.

He added, “This law will empower intelligence services, law enforcement and even the military wings of the U.S. establishment to crack down on people who adhere to particular belief systems and ideologies.”

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