Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) received a request from the U.S. Federal Election Commission. (FEC) to break down donations of less than $200.

The agency is looking for information on her report for the third-quarter of 2019, and in these cases what is often investigated is whether large-dollar donors were improperly classifying their contributions as small-dollar donations.

According to information provided by Omar’s campaign, donations of less than $200 reached $834,000, while donations above that ceiling amounted to $250,000.

“When contributions from an individual reaches $200 for an election cycle, each subsequent contribution from that individual must be itemized, regardless of the amount,” the FEC reminded Omar’s office.

The Omar has been involved in other scandals related to the money in her charge.

Thus, the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board established that Omar had violated state funding laws, and was ordered to reimburse $3,500 from the campaign, which she had spent on out-of-state travel, and to pay a $500 fine.

In other cases against Omar, it was found that she had irregularly paid an additional $150,000 to an adviser with whom she was having an affair, thus completing $370,000 channeled from her campaign funds to this same person.

Tim Mynett received the money through his consulting firm Grupo E Street, reported the New York Post on Nov. 17.

The New York Post had already reported payments of $223,000 for fundraising consultancy, Internet advertising, digital communications, and travel expenses to Mynett.

In addition, Judicial Watch requested a full investigation into possible crimes related to her alleged marriage to her biological brother.

The possible crimes for which the investigation is requested in this case would be “perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud,” the organization said in a statement signed by President Tom Fitton.

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