Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) falsely credited herself with arranging the early sale of an anti-HIV drug, something that had already been agreed among producers in 2014.

The announcement of the agreement was reported by NBC on May 8, more than six months before the congresswoman’s tweet.

Ocasio-Cortez presented the fact as the result of her confrontation with the big pharmaceutical producers when she responded in a tweet to President Donald Trump, who exposed the inaction of the Democrats.

“In my first 11 months I have cosponsored 339 pieces of legislation, authored 15, took on Big Pharma with my colleagues in hearings that brought PreP generic [anti-HIV medicine] a year earlier and exposed abuse of power,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

“In 4 years, you have jailed kids and made corruption the cause celebré. Try to keep up,” she concluded.

“Gilead reached an agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2014 to allow the early launch of a generic version of Truvada into the market in 2020, a year earlier than required,” Douglas Brooks, CEO of Gilead, wrote, according to NBC’s May 8 release.

Ocasio-Cortez supporter John Sarbanes said, “Gilead allowed Teva to enter the market in 2020,” referring explicitly to the agreement during the mid-May hearing Ocasio-Cortez attended, so it is taken for granted that she knew that attributing this achievement was a falsehood.

Truvada or PrEP is the pill used prior to exposure to HIV. When taken daily, it prevents the transmission of the disease by 99 percent.

Earlier, President Trump announced the Ending the HIV Epidemic plan in this year’s State of the Union address.

The White House reported Dec. 3 that it will provide the drug free of charge to people who need protection but don’t have insurance to pay for it, saving each patient about $2,000 a month.

Thus, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will partner with Gilead Sciences to provide PrEP to 200,000 Americans for 10 years, according to the Daily Mail.

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