A New York Democrat, responsible for signing bills passed by the state Legislature, allegedly misrepresented his political response to the deadly Asian disease.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was caught making premature and misleading statements about the New York’s so-called victory in containing the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

The governor released a video in which he strangely praised himself for reducing the daily number of New Yorkers who died from the pandemic.

“We climbed the impossible mountain and right now we are on the other side,” he said, according to the “Fox and Friends.” “For all the pain and all the tears, our way worked.”

He then blamed the outbreak on what he called the Trump administration’s inaction.

“We saw the failure of a government that tried to deny the virus; that tried to ignore it and then tried to politicized it,” he said. “The failed federal government that watched New York get ambushed by their negligence and watched New York suffer but, all through it, learned absolutely nothing.”

However, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) had a very different recollection of the events. She revealed it was Cuomo’s ill-advised policy of ordering nursing homes to let residents enter—even if they were infected by the CCP Virus–that caused the high number of deaths.

“First of all, when he talks about the mountain that we climb, that is the mountain of deaths, and many of those deaths were caused by Gov. Cuomo’s fatal and failed nursing home policies,” she told Fox. “We lost more people in the state of New York than any other state across the country, because of this mismanagement by the governor of New York state.”

Data through to June 21, from the New York Department of Health, shows at least 3,529 nursing home residents were confirmed dead from the CCP Virus, and a further 2,718 are presumed to have died from the same disease. Many of these cases are believed to have been caused by the governor’s decision to allow infected residents back into their facilities.

Stefanik also pointed out New York received the most federal assistance across the nation, especially after the Big Apple was declared a virus hotspot.

“The federal government and President Trump provided more support to New York state than any other state in the nation because we were the epicenter, because of the failed leadership–not just of Gov. Cuomo but Mayor de Blasio,” she said. “We significantly increased the testing capacity of New York State, we sent the Navy Comfort ship that was not used, [and] we gave guidance from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about how we can protect nursing home policies—Gov. Cuomo ignored that.”

She believes instead of spending time writing his new book “America Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” the governor should have focused more on saving lives.

“I am very, very frustrated, that while the governor has time for a quick-turnaround book deal, he does not have time to talk to New Yorkers who lost their loved ones in nursing homes,” she said. “Those families deserve answers, they deserve accountability, and transparency so that we can make sure those fatal and failed policies never happen again, and we continue to protect our most vulnerable.”

Crown Publishing confirmed on Twitter that Cuomo’s new book would go on sale from Oct. 13, 2020.

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