In an attempt to break down Second Amendment advocates in the state of Virginia, the governor has declared a state of emergency between Jan. 17 and 21.

This period covers Monday, when citizens who oppose gun control will gather outside the State Capitol in Richmond, the capital, to protest the anti-gun legislation being pushed by Democrats, according to MRCTV.

“They are not coming to peacefully protest,” justified Gov. Ralph Northam in disarming the voters who will participate in the Jan. 20 demonstrations in the area.

The ban poses a challenge to the thousands of residents of the state, which could have unforeseen results, making it the focus of attention for the rest of the country.

On the one hand, if the protesters come with their legally obtained weapons and demonstrate the excesses of gun control by the state government, without police intervention, they will have succeeded.

On the other hand, if the police intervene and proceed to confiscate the weapons, the uncertainty is even greater, since it is not known whether the citizens will surrender them by renouncing a constitutionally conferred right, which is precisely the one they are defending.

Both Northam and most of Virginia’s congressional Democrats are bent on violating citizens’ right to legitimate defense with firearms.

The legislation the Democrats are pushing would not only leave the state’s residents defenseless but would also make them criminals if they carried guns under the Second Amendment.

The evidence shows that guns are not the most common weapons used to commit crimes.

In 2018, the FBI reported that five times as many people were killed with “knives or cutting instruments” as with rifles of any kind.

The data also showed that rifles were listed as being used in fewer homicides than “blunt objects (sticks, hammers, etc.)” or “personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.).”

Similarly, the FBI indicated that although the number of firearms increased over the last 20 years, violent crime, including gun violence, decreased.

There has been massive opposition to the gun restrictions the Democrats are trying to impose.

Residents in more than 100 counties, towns, and cities across the state of Virginia oppose them on the grounds that they are unconstitutional, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) reported.

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