Washington companies are preparing to face a possible wave of unrest during the week of the presidential election.

As Just the News pointed out, some of the businesses such as restaurants and hotels will be closed on Tuesday, Election Day, as many of the customers will not be present, while some will stay home to keep themselves safe from eventual threats.

The tension over the elections is largely over the counting of the ballots sent by mail as a result of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, or coronavirus, which could be delayed for several days or even weeks.

So far, voting by mail has posed challenges for the election office, as with only four days left before the election, nearly 5 million ballots have yet to be returned for counting in the key states where elections are generally defined.

In addition, several states have lived for months under the pressure of riots provoked by groups of radical leftist rioters following the death of African American George Floyd in May, causing property damage, looting, and the deployment of the National Guard.

According to a poll published on Oct. 26, a majority of supporters of both President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden are unwilling to accept the election if either of their candidates does not win.

The poll results reported by Reuters/Ipsos, show 41% of Trump’s supporters would not accept a victory for Biden; while, 43% of voters who will vote for Biden would refuse to accept a Trump victory, no matter how decisive, reported Bizcap Review.

The Daily Beast reported in early September on plans that a coalition of leftist groups were organizing to orchestrate an “apocalypse scenario” in case there is an unclear election result or one that gives victory or an advantage to President Trump.

For now, Washington officials have warned companies to avoid blocking their entrances by saying there are no credible threats of violence.

“The District does not recommend businesses board up their buildings,” can be read on a flyer titled, First Amendment Demonstration Resource Guide for Businesses.

“While at this time there are no known or credible threats to the District, business and property owners should plan for the eventuality that something may happen on election night and the entire week following, particularly during the hours of 7p.m.-midnight,” wrote Triangle Business Improvement District President Kenyattah A. Robinson in an email.

Just the News further reported that Washington residents are preparing not only for threats that may occur on election night, but also those that may occur in the days following the election.

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department recently spent $130,000 to purchase a supply of tear gas canisters, saying they may be needed “to effectively deal with illegal disturbances,” according to WUSA9.

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