Corey Lewandowski, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, criticized CNN for having double standards during his Fox News’ Media Buzz appearance on Sunday, citing CNN contributor Andrew McCabe for being inaccurate under oath.

In an earlier interview, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota pressed Lewandowski, repeatedly asking about a specific interaction he had during his testimony at the House Judiciary Committee. Counsel Barry Berke asked Lewandowski about being dishonest to the press.

Lewandowski responded, “I have no obligation to have a candid conversation with the media whatsoever, just like they have no obligation to cover me honestly, and they do it inaccurately all the time.”

Lewandowski did not cower when Camerota questioned him if he feels the “obligation to tell the truth” only when he’s “under oath.”

“Which is clearly more than some of your contributors,” Lewandowski replied. “As you know, Andy McCabe, who has a criminal referral, who’s a CNN contributor, was not accurate under oath. He has a criminal referral for lying to the FBI, for lying to the Inspector General on three separate occasions.

“But Alisyn, you and your network continue to use him as a contributor, who has been lying under oath! And so, if you’re going to hold me to a standard, hold your own employees and contributors to that same standard.”

When responding to media, seeing that his speech may be distorted or manipulated to preserve the interests of certain politicians, Lewandowski has continued to not answer sensitive questions.

Camerota’s “simple question” had a straight answer from Lewandowski, though it was not the type of answer she was after.

“I’ll be happy to answer your question and I’ll be held to the same standard as the employees and contributors to CNN which means…“ and Lewandowski was cut off by the CNN anchor before he could finish.

“They employ Andy McCabe, who we know unequivocally by Inspector General Horowitz, lied at least three times under oath, has a criminal referral pending against him, and is waiting for the grand jury in Washington, D.C., to indict him,” Lewandowski said during the heated interview. “And they don’t disclose the information before he comes on television.”

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired for breaking FBI rules by improperly disclosing information to the press regarding an investigation into Hillary Clinton, was found to have “lacked candor, including under oath” in describing the disclosures as stated in a Justice Department inspector general report, according to CNBC.

“So as a guest on a television show, they are trying to hold me to a different standard than their own employees and I think they’re ashamed of it,” Lewandowski continued.

Lewandowski has chosen to remain silent during his interrogation as he recognizes that he had a duty to protect the president’s ability to meet and take counsel in confidence despite it not being his privilege to invoke, NPR reports.

“The White House has directed that I not disclose the substance of any discussion with the president or his advisers to protect executive branch confidentiality,” he repeated, despite never having worked for the Trump administration before. “I recognize this is not my privilege, but I am respecting the White House’s decision.”

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