On Wednesday, May 19, In Missouri, a federal judge ruled against a Christian college allowing people of different sexes to share rooms and bathrooms, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Judge Roseann Ketchmark rejected a lawsuit, filed by College of the Ozarks in mid-April, against Joe Biden, alleging that the government cannot force a private religious entity to allow men and women to share bathrooms and dormitories.

The lawsuit was in reference to an executive order Biden signed last Jan. 20 that states that “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the bathroom, locker room or school sports” and that any entity that violates this order will receive financial penalties.

The lawsuit also made the case that this executive order harmed women, girls, and people of faith.

According to The Washington Times, the judge, an Obama appointee, decided to reject the university’s request after more than two hours listening to arguments from both sides.

These were her words: 

“After careful consideration of the law … the court denies plaintiff’s motion for temporary restraining order and injunction.”

The spokeswoman for the Christian university said they would appeal the decision.

This case shows the strong communist infiltration in American society, where the government decides on how a private entity should be governed.

The state’s interventionism has reached the point where they force a private religious entity to allow situations that go against their beliefs and values.

Not surprisingly, all of these impositions tend to alienate people from their faith and belief, from their connection to God.

This type of totalitarian state policy in the U.S. is not something new but has been brewing for some time, and it is through the infiltration of American institutions by the Chinese Communist regime.

The Chinese Communist Party has a history of experiences of imposing itself and subjecting the people to its dictatorship.

The CCP realized that to remain in power, they had to destroy the connection of traditional Chinese culture with the divine, crushing people’s faith and belief.

That is why the genocidal Mao Zedong, to whom 80 million deaths are attributed, carried out the cultural revolution to cut the roots that allowed Chinese civilization to endure for 5,000 years.

Something similar is happening in the United States, but this time the form is not as violent and open as it was in China, but it is a slow process that began many years ago with the communist infiltration in all areas of society. In this way, they were inoculating their ideas in the people’s minds in a very subtle way.

Reaching a point where many lost their connection with God, with Faith, with traditional values, with the family, unable to distinguish right from wrong, and creating the chaos in which we live today.

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