China’s national policy does not mandate COVID-19 vaccination. However, local governments do force people to get vaccinated. In addition, citizens are rewarded to the tune of 500 yuan (about $77) to several thousand yuan if they cause a person to be vaccinated. Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch interviewed several people working within the Chinese regime and obtained some reliable information.

The government forced vaccination to expose population problems

Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch reported on Sept. 11 that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims the country’s population is 1.4 billion. However, the population reported by the government of the provinces, cities, counties, and towns are all fake statistics.

The Central government census over the past few decades is all fake data, the newspaper said. However, these documents are very relevant to the interests of governments at all levels. For example, the payroll of civil servants is allocated according to the population number. There are also administrative levels, financial funds, and departmental structures. As for the demographic statistics, they all come from local officials at all levels, so, naturally, local interests are most important.

According to an official with knowledge of the matter, after subtracting 40% of the Chinese people who cannot be vaccinated because of disease factors, the remaining 60% of the population has been vaccinated, or 840 million people out of 1,4 billion people. But local officials enforce a policy that demands 100% of the population be vaccinated. Therefore, the elderly, children, pregnant women, and sick patients must be vaccinated. This way, they will not reveal false information about the population, the payroll of employees, and the black curtain of overstating the budget. A common perception of countries worldwide is that China’s population is currently just under 900 million people.

Even lawyers can’t protect their own interests

Those who work in pandemic prevention to fulfill the vaccination target use even callous measures to force people to get vaccinated. For example, in August, when a human rights lawyer from Beijing went to Chongqing to attend a trial, the police went to his door and forced his vaccination.

“Some local government officials have gone crazy now,” the lawyer said. They knock door-to-door, looking for unvaccinated people. There are queuing points to check entry and exit, and when entering, they are scanned immediately. Yesterday I got off a high-speed railway in a district of Chongqing and saw the anti-epidemic staff at this station checking everyone one by one. Those who have not been vaccinated are dragged away immediately. During the chaos, I managed to escape.”

The lawyer told the staff that the country’s policy was that vaccinations should be done by informed consent where people volunteer for the injection. The employee replied that they were not enforcing but were implementing local policies.

The personal experience terrified this lawyer. Some police say that everyone is responsible and will receive a reward of $124 (800 yuan) for every person they help get injected.

Because in the census, they overreported tens of thousands of people. If the mission cannot be fulfilled, the position of the leaders will be jeopardized.

The lawyer said he heard that many places were like that, agreeing to force vaccination of even those who should not be vaccinated.

He said: “Tonight the police came back to force vaccination? Can I safely leave Chongqing?” He sighed: “A lawyer who used to go north and south like me can’t protect my rights. Even when I have to see people being forced to get vaccinated, I also feel extremely panic, How can ordinary people protect their legal rights? It’s terrifying.”

The CCP claims that vaccination is optional. However, local governments in parts of the mainland have successively introduced a mandatory 100% vaccination policy. For example, Zhengyang district, Henan province, issued a notice saying that children who want to register for school must check the vaccination status of their relatives.

In East Street Residential Area, Chuankou Town, Minhe District, Qinghai, it is proposed that if family members do not vaccinate without reason, medical care and care services will be suspended. In addition, elderly peoples’ living allowance and disability allowance will be with-held.

Mao Qian County, Shiyan City, and Echeng District, Ezhou City in Hubei Province, also introduced related measures for those who do not want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. People who don’t get vaccinated without reason will be hit with a lower social credit score.

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