The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) extended the previous president’s order. Southern and northern border officers will be allowed to deport migrants from the United States due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Donald Trump-era policy, commonly referred to as Title 42, aims to prevent the deadly disease from spreading. It achieves this by stopping migrants from entering the United States, unless they are unaccompanied youth or belong to certain vulnerable families.

CDC recognizes the COVID-19 risks of introducing noncitizens, regardless of their country of origin, who migrate through Canada and Mexico into the United States.

“A temporary suspension is necessary to protect the public health,” a representative said in a statement.

The policy also means ineligible migrants have no opportunity to seek asylum or other forms of protection in the United States. CDC will review the need to further extend Title 42 every 60 days.

COVID-19 positive migrants have relentlessly tried to enter the United States. 

“[Authorities were] releasing people out of the door day in and day out with actual positive tests for COVID and more keep popping up,” National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera said according to Fox News.

Cabrera revealed only migrants with symptoms were tested for the deadly disease. Border patrol agents are already struggling to contain the perimeter, not to mention COVID-19. 

“We have a lot of agents quarantined right now, which adds to our problem, on top of agents who are sick with COVID,” Cabrera said according to the broadcaster. “We are concerned about catching it ourselves, we are concerned about our families and coworkers, and it just seems everyone is turning a blind eye to it when we have a real situation down here.”

CDC’s latest move is consistent with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) July 28 executive order. Lone Star State troopers will stop vehicles transporting migrants and have the power to reroute them to their starting point.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland (D) criticized the measure for violating federal law. He directed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to sue Texas, for overstepping its authority by imposing such a measure.

“In our constitutional system, a state has no right to regulate the federal government’s operations,” the DOJ claimed according to the Texas Tribune. “This restriction on the transportation of noncitizens would severely disrupt federal immigration operations.”

The Department of Homeland Security previously announced the Biden administration would continue fast-tracking deportation flights for migrants who are refused asylum. The new act is touted to show a “tougher stance to those attempting to enter the United States illegally,” according to Fox News.