The $1.9 trillion financial aid package for Americans passed by Congress on Saturday, Feb. 27, includes a $50 million item that could go to abortion providers through Title X family planning funds.

The budget, designed by Democratic lawmakers, includes $50 million that would go to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under section 1001 of the Public Health Service Act, which relates to Title X family planning services.

In order for these funds to be allocated to abortion providers, President Joe Biden has to rescind a Trump executive order under which the former president cut off federal family planning funding to clinics that provided abortions in the same facilities where other medical services were performed.

Biden was quick to take note of Trump’s order.

According to LifeNews, in a Jan. 28 executive order, the new president directed HHS to conduct a review of Title X family planning regulations and take action as soon as possible to suspend or rescind these regulations that are not in line with the new administration’s vision, that is pro-abortion.

In other words, the only legal restriction Trump put in place to prevent taxpayer money from going to abortionists will most likely be removed.

Conservative reactions

Conservative Partnership Institute Policy Director Rachel Bovard is counting on Biden to actually do what it takes to get those funds to abortionists.

“HHS grants take a number of months to process,” she told the Daily Caller, “so by the time the money is ready to be obligated to grantees, the restrictions will be gone.”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) also reacted to the news by sharply criticizing the cunning of the Democrats, who used a situation like the economic crisis caused by the shutdowns, to advance their pro-abortion agenda, among other things.

“It’s clear that President Biden is using this bill as a Trojan Horse to push a radical progressive agenda,” Hawley told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I challenge any Democrat to tell me with a straight face what unlocking federal funds for abortion providers has to do with beating the pandemic.”

Planned Parenthood

In 2019 when Trump’s executive order went into effect, Planned Parenthood, which refused to comply with the requirement to perform abortions in discrete facilities, lost about $60 million.

With Biden in the White House and the prospects of the abortionist regaining government funding, Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill, used the same old false words saying that the prospect of receiving government funding is something “critical” to the neediest social classes, when all they want to do is make money off the ignorance of the people they manage to convince to have abortions.