An American humanitarian agency uncovered the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during the disastrous outbreak of the CCP Virus, which originated in China.

Both the lies of the CCP and its violations of human rights and ambitions of domination were exposed by the renowned organization Doctors Against Forced Organ Removal (DAFOH), in the report published on May 5.

For decades, the DAFOH has been investigating the criminal forced removal of organs from prisoners of conscience, perpetrated by the CCP to market them.

In its report Unmasking the COVID-19 Pandemic, DAFOH exposes how the CCP allowed the spread of the disease, of which it has been accused by several countries.

It also documented that the CCP did not adequately inform the World Health Organization (WHO) of the threat and refuses to have the origin and evolution of this health crisis investigated.

The DAFOH also denounces that the Party took advantage of the CCP Virus pandemic to manipulate and further weaken the self-determination of the nations it had already hooked into its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

One of the resources The CCP capitalized on for its controversial purposes was personal protective equipment (PPE), which it hoarded from many countries before declaring the severity of the virus and its further spread in the nations left unprotected.

“Following a path of divide and conquer, ruining first the partnerships between countries and then appearing as the savior that delivered the face masks to the overwhelmed regions,” this is how the opportunistic tactics applied by the communist regime are described on this occasion.

The DAFOH also reported that the CCP sold millions of PPEs causing an impression of disgust rather than relief because millions of them were returned as defective and unsafe.

The DAFOH also revealed that the Chinese Red Cross itself is being used by the regime to promote its communist ideology and to impose the technology company Huawei as the supplier of 5G networks in order to gain greater control over the countries that accept it.

Likewise, DAFOH reiterates what has been its mission for the last 20 years, documenting and denouncing the atrocities that the Chinese regime continues to commit with the forced extraction of human organs.

The DAFOH recalls that these crimes against practitioners of the ancient spiritual tradition of Falun Dafa, Uighurs, and other ethnic and religious minorities “have not received the international response that this situation deserves.”

Moreover, the DAFOH is alerting the whole world about the risk of extinction that implies letting the CCP advance with its ideology, since its leaders have expressed that they would not care about the disappearance of half of humanity as long as the survivors were communists.

The report concludes with a very telling quote from Chen Guangcheng, the respected Chinese human rights lawyer.

“The CCP is the biggest and most serious virus of all.”

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