U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger gave a virtual speech in Mandarin from the White House for an event organized by Policy Exchange and spoke about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) maneuvers to infiltrate, manipulate, and ultimately subdue the West, and how President Trump has effectively combated this kind of evil.

London-based Policy Exchange, founded in 2002 and according to its own website, is one of the most influential think tanks in the UK. The event was titled The Importance of Being Candid: On China’s Relationship with the Rest of the World.

Pottinger spoke of how the CCP has successfully managed to merge Leninist era psychological tactics with modern cyberespionage technology to infiltrate governments, institutions, even individuals, to influence them and ultimately subject them to accept their dictatorship.

Last month alone, it was reported that the CCP collected data from at least 2.4 million people around the world through a company, Shenzhen Zhenhua Data Information Technology Co. working for the CCP’s security apparatus.

“The dossiers Zhenhua is compiling include people in virtually every country on Earth, no matter how small. They include members of royal families and members of parliament, judges and clerks, tech mavens and budding entrepreneurs, four-star admirals and the crew members of warships, professors and think-tankers, and national and local officials,” Pottinger said. 

Pottinger said that collecting data and assembling reports on enemies and “friends” alike has always been a Leninist tactic in the past to influence and intimidate, reward and extort, flatter and humiliate, divide and conquer, a psychological weapon to fondle and at the same time strike depending on need.

“What’s new is how easy we’ve made it for autocrats to accumulate so much intimate data about ourselves—even people who’ve never set foot in China. We leave our intellectual property, our official documents, and our private lives on the table like open books,” Pottinger said. “The smartphones we use all day to chat, search, buy, view, bank, navigate, network, worship and confide make our thoughts and actions as plain to cyber spooks as the plumes of exhaust from a vintage double-decker bus.”

When leverage doesn’t work, the Chinese Communist Party uses violence to get its way. 

“Take Hong Kong, where demonstrators took to the streets by the millions last year to protest Beijing’s efforts to undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law.  If “socialism with Chinese characteristics” was the future, the demonstrators seemed to prefer staying firmly in the present,” Pottinger said to illustrate his point.

How to defend yourself from the evil of the CCP

Pottinger shared the means Trump administration has effectively used to combat Beijing’s influence and manipulation both on American soil and internationally.

“President Trump has ingrained two principles worth sharing here, because they’re designed to preserve our sovereignty. … They are reciprocity and candor,” Pottinger said.

With respect to reciprocity, he spoke of the principle of seeking equality in bilateral relations, something that Americans and the world have seen displayed in the trade war with the CCP, when the president began applying tariffs to Chinese imports that were unfairly competing with American domestic industry.

Trump has been criticized even domestically by the media for his “nationalist” approach, a term now frowned upon or associated with extreme right-wing movements. But the concept itself does not encompass any negative aspects; it only opposes globalization that seeks to focus all power on a few who want to decide for everyone; and it also seeks to maintain cultural traits and put the nation’s interests first.

Beijing’s political-economic tactics have destroyed economies around the world, flooding markets with its cheap products, and through bribes to politicians and low-cost offers has convinced companies to move their production to China, leaving local industries on the verge of extinction. For the CCP to get rich, the world had to get poorer. 

President Trump’s outspokenness, also widely criticized by the left, which seeks to maintain the false appearance of being politically correct, has also exposed the evil of Beijing. After the pandemic struck humanity, the president of the United States was the first leader of the free world to denounce the CCP for letting 5 million Chinese out of Wuhan around the world and turning what could have been a local epidemic into a global humanitarian crisis.

“The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions,” President Trump told the U.N. General Assembly.

“In the earliest days of the virus, China locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave China and infect the world,” President Trump said.

After the pandemic and President Trump’s stand against Beijing, public opinion about Beijing changed dramatically and the public image of the CCP now seems to be a little more accurate than it was a while ago.

This is the candor with which President Trump has effectively fought the evil of the Chinese Communist Party and set an example for other nations.

Pottinger ended his speech by quoting the importance of telling the truth, “What evil fears most is the publicly spoken truth … so speak up, everyone.”

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