The Democratic candidate for the vice presidency, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), was not well received as a presidential candidate in the primaries, and her controversial radical-left agenda does not seem to favor her either in the quest for the vice presidency.  

Apparently, Harris does not hesitate to make the most of crucial political and economic comments, even if they are false, such as Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual abuse against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to the local Tennessee Star on Oct. 6. 

She even used the allegations against Kavanaugh to raise funds for her primary campaign. 

Then, during the primaries, she supported the eight indictments of her rival, now presidential candidate Joe Biden, saying she believed them. However, the issue remained when she was called to be Biden’s candidate. 

“I believe them, and I respect that they can tell their story and have the courage to do so,” Harris said. 

Also, Harris has no problem with her anti-Semitic tendencies. She published a picture of Jesus Christ floating over a toilet bowl in the bathroom.  

Besides the adherence to the nuclear treaty with Iran, established by Obama, and the strong tax increase proposed by Biden, there is much more about Harris that is worrisome  

Harris’s plans support single-payer medicine, proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-Vt.), at an estimated cost of $32 billion, and the elimination of private insurance.

Her radical agenda also includes implementation of the New Green Deal, open borders with government-funded health care for illegal aliens, and sanctuary cities.

Voters are concerned about Harris’s support for the riots that have plagued many cities across the country in recent months, with the prospect of continued violence even after the election. 

A few weeks before the final date for the elections, Nov. 3, the intensity of the presidential campaigns is increasing, and if the polls are any indication, it is clear that most point to Vice President Mike Pence as the absolute winner of the debate, which is not good news for Harris. 

A tweet from the founder and President of Turning Point USA, a conservative American nonprofit organization, Charlie Kirk, points to Pence’s victory who doubled Harris’s results. 

“NEW SURVEY: 69% of those who saw it believe that Mike Pence won tonight’s debate. Only 29% for Kamala Harris,” wrote Kirk. 

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