A new report showed that President Donald Trump is seeing a surge in donations from women and is tops in receiving big donations from suburban women—more than any Democrat candidate. 

Despite narrative from mainstream media claiming that suburban women are “fleeing the Trump party,” a study from OpenSecrets.org, part of the Center for Responsive Politics shows the sharp contrast. President Turmp has the most big-dollar suburban women donors, 10,534 and has received the most from them with more than $8 million—the largest amount compared with his Democratic rivals.

                   Source: OpenSecrets.org

“Suburban women, who power a significant electoral battleground, are a key demographic for 2020,” reads the study. “The suburbs are more important as the political divide between Republicans and Democrats grows starker.”

“Trump has received more itemized large-dollar contributions from women than a majority of the Democratic candidates—$15 million since he started fundraising the day after his inauguration,” it adds. 

Overall, President Trump ranks fifth in donations from woman. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at $17.1 million is the leader followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), according to the report.

However, OpenSecrets said it could be higher because the Trump campaign does not report demographic information regarding its small donors.

“An estimated 59 percent of Trump’s donations are from small-donors, so Trump’s contributions from women are most certainly higher than $15 million. Trump’s totals are underestimated more than the other candidates,” wrote Grace Haley at the research group. “Because Democrats are relying on ActBlue and the Republicans are not relying on the Republican equivalent WinRed as significantly, we only have most (not all) donor demographic data for Democratic small-dollar donors.”

Women are benefiting from the booming economy under the Trump administration. Last year, the number of women working was the highest it’s ever been, at nearly 74.9 million. In September 2019, labor force participation for women 25 to 54 years old advanced to 76.3%, the highest rate since February 2002.

“Women are focused on issues that impact our children and our families and President Trump is delivering results,” Amy Kremer, chairwoman of Women for America First and co-founder and chair of Women for Trump PAC, told Breitbart News, adding that when women contribute to his campaign “it’s an easy donation when you know what you are going to get in return and this president has followed through on his promises, and his policies have been good for women and their families.”

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