A Hollywood actor and director is happy for the Democratic Party to spend big to allow voting without having to attend local polling stations at the next general election.

Rob Reiner has no qualms with the Democrats giving taxpayer money to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission for Americans to cast their ballots through the U.S. Postal Service on Nov. 3.

The actor, who played shady stock broker Max Belfort in the “Wolf of Wall Street” remake, revealed he is very frustrated by President Donald Trump and does not want him to win a second term.

“He has gotten away with assaulting women, breaking laws, violating the Constitution, and letting [the] United States die,” he said on Twitter. “The vote in Nov. is our last chance to hold him accountable.”

Reiner claims the only way the president will not be returned to the Oval Office is if all 235 million Americans of a voting age are given the option of casting a postal vote.

“He knows if we are allowed to vote by mail, he [will] lose in a landslide,” he said. “We all know what needs to be done.”

A postal voting proposal from Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) was previously estimated to cost the nation $3.6 billion.

The debate of postal voting

“Sen. Klobuchar and I have been advancing both a bill and funding to allow states to begin planning responsibly now for how they are going to carry out their delayed primaries and how they are going to carry out the November election,” Coons can be heard telling MSNBC’s “Kasie DC” in a video shared on YouTube. “We want to appropriate more money to make sure the average American citizen also is not forced to go and vote in-person while we still have shelter in place orders.”

Coons compared the proposal to a variety of measures under the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020, and claimed removing regulatory barriers to election officials accessing funding would provide “safe and easy” voting during the CCP Virus pandemic.

“As you saw in the state of Wisconsin, we do not yet have a clear plan for how to deal with voting in the age of this pandemic,” he said. “We should not put the average American, and in particular seniors of those who are immunocompromised in a position whether they have to choose between having to exercising their sacred right to vote and keeping themselves and their families safe in this virus.”

Coons claimed Americans serving the Army, Navy, Air Force, and diplomatic missions abroad were already voting by mail. The president has separately requested an absentee ballot for the election.

“In every election, hundreds of thousands of Americans vote by mail from overseas,” he said. “If it is good enough for our troops and diplomats, and our president, I do not see why a vote-by-mail should not be a feature for every election in this state by November if people request it.”

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