A Gateaway Pundit investigation, which was triggered by images provided by Republicans monitoring the vote recount in the state of Wisconsin, revealed that the number of voters with ‘disabilities’ rose suspiciously from 72,000 last year to 234,000 in 2020.

On Nov. 28, The Gateaway Pundit published photos of suspicious votes in the Wisconsin recount, which according to the report’s description, were about 2,000 votes that had the same signature, just three letters “MLW” in the footer. Next to this pile of votes, there were a number of other votes that looked very different from the regular votes and the report denounced them as “fake votes.”

The photos were obtained by the Republican poll watchers who participated in the Wisconsin recount that ended on Nov. 30 without generating any change.

President Trump pointed out the purpose of the recount, which according to these reports, was not fulfilled.

The attorney for the city of Madison, Wisconsin, where these images came from, contacted The Gateaway Pundit to explain what the images the media reported as irregular were about and explained that the MLW signature was that of the clerk who issued the ballots and the ballots that The Gateaway Pundit reported as false were “express votes ballots, which are cast using universal voting equipment designed to allow people with disabilities to vote.”

Under Wisconsin law, people who are “indefinitely confined” (that is with a disability) can vote without presenting a photo ID, using the express ballots that are mailed.

But they are not exempt from having their signatures on the voter rolls and they do have to sign their ballots with a witness even if they mail them in. What the report is denouncing is that these ballots do not show the voters’ signatures.

In addition, the number of voters with a ‘disability’ last year was 72,000 and this year it has suspiciously risen to 234,000, which represents a 238% increase.

While many people used this method because of fears about the CCP Virus, the key issue is that the votes are not signed by the people who cast them and the city’s attorney explanation aims to disregard the report’s statement.

This incident adds to the dozens of complaints that brave individuals and President Trump’s legal team have filed in various instances.

However, the vast majority of the media, including the supposedly “conservative” media, continue to call the Democratic candidate president-elect and ask President Trump to concede. It seems that none of them want to know the truth or care that such an injustice has been committed right before their eyes.

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