An alleged “fact-checking” team sent out a false story over the weekend claiming that the shocking video demonstrating election fraud at Georgia’s State Farm Arena had been discredited by investigators. Different sources claim that such a statement is false and the video is being investigated. 

Last Thursday, video footage taken by security cameras at the State Farm Arena, Georgia, showed suitcases full of ballots appearing after the supervisor told Republican observers to leave the vote-counting center because of an alleged broken water pipe.

After the news broke, a “fact-checking” team backed by Big Tech and known for spreading pro-Democratic and pro-left news, claimed that the overwhelming evidence had been discredited, which was not the case at all.

On Friday morning, Dec. 4, the group called Lead Stories issued a “hoax alert” that falsely claimed to have discredited the security video. The Washington Post, NewsWeek, and other media outlets replicated the charade, even criticizing the journalists who gave the video traction. But the reality is that neither the video nor the Republicans’ claims of fraud was discredited.

Lead Stories’s alleged fact-checking basically consists of repeating what election officials, who were complicit in the fraud, told them about everything being fine with the count, that the ballots were in “containers, not suitcases,” and that “party observers were never told to leave.”

Witnesses, however, testified to the opposite. Such is the case with Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer, who posted that same night on his Twitter account, “Fulton County told our poll watchers last night to go home because they were closing and then continued to count the ballots in secret.”

Shafer’s statement is supported by the affidavits of at least two Republican observers, who further allege that they kept an illogical distance from the ballots even while at the State Farm Arena, making it completely impossible to do their job properly.

Democratic media outlets such as ABC News reported that night that poll watchers and counters were sent home after an allegedly broken water pipe was discovered. Most broadcast the same information. 

So, on the one hand, there are the sworn statements of the observers who claim that the supervisors told them to go home at night shortly after 10 p.m., and on the other hand, there is a video that shows everyone leaving en masse at that same time. Is there any other evidence to consider?

On election night, President Trump had almost 40,000 votes over his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the state of Georgia. As reported in a timely manner by The Gateway Pundit, mysteriously in Fulton County, authorities announced that they would stop the vote count until the next day due to a broken water pipe at the State Farm Arena.

On the orders of authorities, Republican observers withdrew from the facility. Despite the information and the fact that no observers were present, a few hours later the recount began again and when they made the next report, the results had mysteriously reversed, with the Democratic candidate outnumbering President Trump. 

Parallel to the video test, which is already being analyzed, Shafer and President Donald Trump filed a criminal complaint in Georgia’s state court on Friday regarding tens of thousands of fraudulent votes. These include thousands of votes from jailed criminals, minors, unregistered persons, duplicate votes, late votes, and from the deceased.

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