President Donald Trump gave a heartfelt speech in Pennsylvania ahead of the upcoming presidential election. He said that if his voters can get the Republican Party to win the state, “we win the whole thing.”

Pennsylvania is one of the swing states, that is, those that do not have a clear candidate in the polls and that, according to experts, could define the course of the Nov. 3 elections.

Less than two weeks before the general elections, the president reminded his supporters in Erie on Tuesday, Oct. 21, how crucial the state is for him to be re-elected.

“Pennsylvania, you have to get out and vote,” President Trump said at the International Airport in the industrial city.

“If we win Pennsylvania, we win the whole thing,” the president told a crowd.

In 2016, Trump won the state when he competed with then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The president joked that he was so far ahead of his Democratic rival Joe Biden in Pennsylvania before the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) pandemic that he would never have campaigned in the state.

“Then I had to go back to work,” he said, smiling in the middle of the speech that lasted about an hour.

President Trump has held several rallies in recent weeks and will debate Biden on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee.

The president acknowledged that there are many Democrats in Pennsylvania, but they will support him.

“There’s a lot of Democrats, but Democrats that love Trump, and I love them,” he said.

He also promised to continue his battle against the “swamp” in Washington.

“It’s deeper, a little more treacherous than I thought, but we’re beating them,” he said.

President Trump and Biden are visiting the swing states that can define the election.

In addition to Pennsylvania, it is believed that Florida could be decisive in determining who will govern the United States in the next four years.

In 2016, President Trump won the state and the Republicans maintained their performance two years later, when mid-term elections were held in the races for governor and senator with Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott winning, respectively.

According to a recent InsiderAdvantage poll, President Trump leads the ‘Sunshine State’ vote intention with 46%. While Biden reaps 43%.

The firm’s founder, Matt Towery, was one of the few pollsters to predict President Trump’s victory in 2016, indicating that many polls did not accurately reflect support for the Republican candidate.

President Trump was recently at a rally in Florida, and also in Iowa, swing states where he won in 2016.

Meanwhile, on Sunday Biden gave a speech in North Carolina—another state whose electoral preference is still in dispute.

That same day, Trump participated in a mass at a church in Las Vegas, before the rally he gave in Carson City, the capital of Nevada, another key state.

Other swing states where both candidates are betting their chips are Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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