In the face of the election, President Donald Trump is increasing his influence in the Latino community in a concrete way.

Efforts to attract the country’s largest minority of voters is bearing fruit through his new American Dream Plan, which aims to work on the three main issues that attract Latinos: freedom, security, and economic opportunity.

According to Just the News, President Trump’s plan released Wednesday, Oct. 28, aims to add 500,000 Latino-owned businesses, increase capital for minority entrepreneurs through the Opportunity Zones, create 2 million new jobs for Latinos, increase access to homeownership, strengthen school choice programs, and ensure a permanent resolution to the Deferred Action for Children Act (DACA) program.

According to a White House statement, “President Trump’s Administration will continue to support Hispanic Americans by expanding our economy, offering school choice, defending our constitutional rights, combating socialism, and expanding quality, affordable health care options for all.”

Meanwhile, last Sunday the Trump team announced in Spanish that it would purchase a YouTube masthead acquisition to feature its ad ‘Por Trump’ featuring the Spanish-language song of the Miami-based salsa band Los 3.

During a Facebook Live session, the song was sung by Havana’s Los 3 and quickly went viral on social networks. President Trump’s campaign contacted the band and, within days, it was the music track for a national radio and television advertising campaign, according to Just the News.

So far, President Trump’s campaign has purchased an 11-hour YouTube page of advertising content targeting the Latino community.

Last Sunday President Trump replayed a video posted by his senior campaign adviser, Steve Cortes, on a new ABC News poll, which showed that there is 47% support for the president among Latinos in Florida.

According to Bloomberg News, Joe Biden’s top campaign leaders were concerned about the insufficient participation of black and Latino voters in key states such as Pennsylvania and Florida.

In Florida, Republicans currently have a 9.4 percent voter participation advantage in Miami-Dade County, and analysts said it will be a challenge for Biden to have a significant margin of victory.

Biden’s deputy campaign director, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, told Bloomberg News, “We know our pathway to victory includes winning key battleground states that have significant populations.”

“We cannot win without the Latino vote in these states, which is why we have invested historic amounts of money and research,” she added.

According to Politico, no Democrat can win in Florida without a large turnout and large profit margins to offset losses in other parts of the state, and one area of concern for Democrats is the proportion of votes cast by young voters of color and less reliable Democrats.

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