President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a new lawsuit on Wednesday, Dec. 2, against the Wisconsin Election Commission and other election officials.

The lawsuit, based on “unlawful and unconstitutional” acts, accuses five mayors of major Wisconsin cities of violating the electoral code after implementing new measures for the collection of votes, according to The Blaze.

The complaint requires political officials to “follow State Election Law when conducting a presidential election in their state.”

Bill Bock, lead counsel in the federal lawsuit in Wisconsin, said that the U.S. Constitution prevents the rules of a presidential election from being changed at the last minute “by unelected bureaucrats and local politicians who may have a more limited interest in the outcome of the election.”

“A plan by the mayors of Wisconsin’s five largest cities (Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Green Bay, and Racine) and funded by an out-of-state organization known as the Center for Tech & Civic Life to implement a new form of balloting in Wisconsin using un-manned, absentee ballot drop boxes without adequate or uniform chain of custody standards and security protocols contrary to the Wisconsin Election Code,” the suit alleges.

It also states that the Wisconsin Election Commission was involved in the illegal counting of ballots.

“Directives by the Wisconsin Elections Commission to election officials to tamper with witness certifications on absentee ballot envelopes, which facilitated the counting of unlawful ballots in the election in violation of the Wisconsin Election Code,” the lawsuit states.

As The Blaze pointed out, the lawsuit asks the federal court to send the matter to the Wisconsin Legislature, which will decide how to choose the voters based on the court’s decision.

The president’s senior legal team attorney, Jenna Ellis, said, “We hope that the State Legislatures in every affected State will take up this battle to protect the voters in their State. This is a solemn responsibility the Constitution entrusts directly to State Legislatures.”

A vote recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties determined a 20,600-vote advantage for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and President Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court on Tuesday trying to reverse the results, disqualifying up to 200,000 ballots.

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