Republican candidates for the House exceeded expectations in the November elections. Democratic voters understood the relationship between “left-wing liberal policies” and the “economic crisis,” which allowed the Republicans to advance in the House, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) said on Friday, Nov. 27.

Beyond the good work done by the Republican candidates for the House during the election campaigns, liberal and radical left policies implemented by the Democrats are causing a certain amount of weariness with Democrats and undecided voters themselves, who in historically blue states have opted in these elections to lean toward red candidates. 

Such is the case in California and even in New York where a Republican seat was won. 

McClintock said on Fox News program “Hannity” that voters in the liberal and Democratic districts have seen firsthand how the policies of the left have failed and have damaged their personal and collective interests.

Places like New York and California, where there is an entrenched left grip on political power, homelessness, high taxes, deteriorating public schools, unemployment, and energy costs have skyrocketed. In the face of these situations, McClintock held the Democrats accountable for their policies.

“And I think Californians are getting fed up with that and I think Americans across the country are looking at places like California and New York and saying we don’t want to go there,” McClintock continued, pointing to two otherwise Democratic-stronghold states where House Republicans made their greatest gains.

Despite confident Democratic polling predictions of a “Blue Wave” that would sweep the powers that be in the November election, the final results showed none of that happened. 

By contrast, in California, a Democratic stronghold, Republicans are poised to switch four seats in the House, more than in any other state. 

“Here in California, we’ve been the poster child for failed radical left socialist agenda. And we don’t want this to happen to the rest of the country,” said California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson. “We’re doing our best to fix things here in California. And I think that if you haven’t already, you should take another look at the California Republican Party.”

Meanwhile in New York, Republican state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, defeated Democratic Rep. Max Rose. In doing so, the Staten Island legislator became the only Republican congresswoman from New York City. 

Malliotakis warned that people are tired of the measures Democrats are taking to give free rein to leftist extremisms. And she said she has the great challenge of finding a balance in the face of leftist tendencies that are undermining the freedoms, economy, and opportunities of Americans.

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