President Donald Trump addressed the nation in what he called “the most important speech I’ve ever made,” beginning with his responsibility to defend the U.S. Constitution.

“As president, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States. That is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege,” President Trump said.

For 46 minutes, among other issues, he referred to all the evidence of fraud that prevented him from announcing that he was the one who had actually won the election by a large difference in votes, stating that by eliminating the fraud: “I win very easily.”

As soon as he shared an excerpt from the speech, Twitter added its disqualifying label of “This claim about election fraud is disputed,” which it also uses to redirect Biden’s false claim as president-elect.

President Trump specifically mentioned how the Democrats’ irresponsibly pushed widespread fraud.

“What changed this year was the Democratic Party’s relentless push to print and mail out tens of millions of ballots sent to unknown recipients with virtually no safeguards of any kind,” President Trump said.

He also pointed out some of the many stratagems used to skew the results toward Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Beyond this, the records are riddled with errors, wrong addresses, duplicate entries, and many other issues,” mainly in states like Nevada, California, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

These states just changed the rules of voting by mail, relaxing them, some even did it a few days or weeks before Election Day. 

President Trump also mentioned the surprising change that occurred during the night of Nov. 3, “I went from leading by a lot to losing by a little,” because of the manipulations that occurred during those hours.

He also spoke about the controversial performance of Dominion Voting Systems, accused of changing thousands of votes from President Trump to Biden.

He noted with surprise the absence of some of his supporters, assuming a possible campaign of intimidation by his opponents. 

“The corruption is so rampant. They just couldn’t take it anymore. They were threatened by Democrats with impeachment and horrible things were said about them, and they’re good people,” the president said.

Finally, he said his job was not just to determine who would be the legal president, but to restore faith and confidence in American elections and its democracy.


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