With only hours to go before the general election, Democratic leaders have turned on the warning light of the massive turnouts at President Donald Trump’s latest rallies.

One of them was Lt. Gov. of Pennsylvania John Fetterman, who showed his concern before the crowd that approached Butler city on Saturday night Oct. 31, to listen to the Republican leader.

“The President is popular in PA,” Fetterman acknowledged, sharing a picture of the Trump rally and encouraging his supporters to vote Democratic. 

Fetterman went one step further and also answered those who said the photo was false by claiming that it belonged to a political reporter—named Gabby Orr.

“This is not MAGA propaganda,” he alerted his followers in reference to Trump’s campaign slogan.

“Can’t fake a crowd like that,” he continued.

But as if that wasn’t enough, he launched a third tweet with another image of the Republican event with the Reuters agency brand.

“That’s not photoshop. That’s a Reuters’s image of Butler,” he emphasized, alluding to the call that would have brought together some 57,000 people.

“The president has a very strong, sturdy base here,” Fetterman acknowledged, according to a Washington Post report released Saturday.

Fetterman’s concern adds to that of other Democrats who increasingly see a chance for Trump to repeat his performance of 2016, when he surprised everyone and won a victory in Pennsylvania.

“I am worried about Pennsylvania,” admitted Neil Oxman, a veteran Democratic strategist.

At Saturday’s rally, President Trump stressed his support for fracking, police and criminal justice reform.

“With your vote, we will continue to support our Military, Veterans and our Police Officers,” the president added on Twitter, thanking the citizens who came to the campaign event.

He remarked that, in contrast, “Biden and Harris would pass legislation to slash police funding all across America.”

“They stand with the rioters—we stand with the HEROES of Law Enforcement!” he added.

In another tweet, he referred to what Biden said in the last debate about banning fracking.

“Joe Biden has vowed to ABOLISH American Oil and Natural Gas,” he said, adding that he had instead signed an executive order that day to protect Pennsylvania’s energy and fracking industry.

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