Nearly 100 million Americans set a new record by voting early. Another huge number of voters turned out to cast their ballots on Tuesday, and now questions are being raised about when the final results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election will be released.

According to several reports published by different media such as Daily Caller, the results could take several days. The main reasons are due to unprecedented levels of mail voting and different state laws that set different deadlines for counting and receiving the ballots after Election Day. 

In conclusion, the country could be on the verge of a week of chaos, especially if the winner is not immediately clear by the end of Tuesday.

The primary elections earlier this year demonstrated how fragile the postal voting system is. Large numbers of mail-in ballots and chaotic election boards led to court battles and endless recounts. 

One of the cases was the New York primary. According to a Post article, the New York Election Board reported that more than 84,000 mail ballots (25% of the total) in the city’s primary elections were annulled. This means that 84,000 people were denied their right to vote. 

Despite a large number of cases like the one in New York that showed that the U.S. postal system is not prepared to receive more ballots than it usually does, the Democrats and related sectors encouraged and promoted absentee ballots, using as an argument the possibility of contracting the CCP Virus if they used the traditional, face-to-face voting format. 

The enormous number of postal ballots sent will surely generate an extraordinary delay, because even for normal quantities, counting postal ballots takes more time. The prospect of uncertainty at the national level could be as slight as the expected delays or as extreme as the violence in the streets. 

Battle ground states that will most likely decide the election include Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Trump won all six states in 2016. 

Almost all of the votes are expected to be counted and results presented on election night in only 16 states, Fivethirtyeight reported, and of the key states only Florida would be included among them. 

According to Fivethirtyeight’s report, Arizona is one of the states that could present the results on Wednesday morning. But other key states such as North Carolina and Pennsylvania, thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, will be able to receive and count ballots even up to 9 and 3 days respectively after the polls close. 

Of Wisconsin’s total voters, two-thirds are absentee ballots, and according to the local Milwaukee Journal, the state is unlikely to have a full recount before Wednesday.

Michigan, another battleground state, the Secretary of State reported in a statement Oct. 29, could take until Friday to count all the ballots. Nearly all Michigan voters cast their ballots by mail.

As campaign lawyers and courts prepare for what could be a wave of frenzied litigation, uncertainty surrounds what will happen on the streets as official results are awaited due to rumors and explicit threats from leftist groups to take to the streets and generate mass riots in cities across the country. 

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