A controversial Minnesota representative in Congress postponed her dream of becoming the next president on March 2.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) has officially suspended her 2020 presidential campaign for the upcoming general election to be held on Nov. 3.

“The Klobuchar campaign confirms the senator is flying to Dallas to join [former] Vice President [Joe] Biden at his rally tonight where she will suspend her campaign and endorse the [former] vice president,” Klobuchar campaign press secretary Carlie Waibel said according to Fox News.

The senator who, according to the Federal Election Commission, spent more than $31 million in the past 16 months on her campaign now plans to use her free time and remaining $2.8 million on forming a Democratic coalition to support Biden’s bid for the Oval Office.

“Thanks to the hard work of our team, we built a campaign that believes in bringing people together and defied expectations every step of the way,” she said on Twitter. “One thing is for certain: we will continue to build a coalition to win in November.”

Left-wing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thanked Klobuchar for campaigning for “real change.”

“I want to congratulate Amy Klobuchar for running a strong, issues-oriented campaign,” Sanders said on Twitter. “I hope her supporters will join us in our fight to defeat Donald Trump in November.”

However, Klobuchar chose to support Biden because the former vice president was a more understanding candidate than the self-confessed “socialist” senator.

“What’s missing from our politics right now? Empathy, caring,” she said on Twitter. ” A sacred trust between the citizens and their president–that is what Joe Biden will restore.”

Sanders’s campaign team was unimpressed by the decision and accused the Democratic Party of being anxious.

“Establishment is nervous not because we cannot beat Trump but because we will,” Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir said according to the broadcaster. “When we do, the Democratic Party will again be a party of the working class.”

President Donald Trump believes Democratic presidential candidates appear to be preparing to suddenly seize the front-runner position from Sanders.

“They are staging a coup against Bernie,” he said on Twitter.

Klobuchar said she had no regrets even though she nearly exhausted her election funding pool.

“I announced my campaign 13 months ago in a Minnesota blizzard (I did that just to impress you, Dallas,)” she said on Twitter. “We did what we do in the heartland: make a little go a long way.”

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