A failed Democratic presidential candidate resorted to name-calling after discovering several GOP members are standing by the incumbent’s bid to stay in office.

Hillary Clinton attacked Republican Party members who support President Trump’s efforts to overturn the November election outcome.

“Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of our democracy [and] the emperor has no clothes,” she said on Twitter. “Republican electeds who continue to humor him have no spines.”

Clinton completely ignored several examples of election irregularities the president shared on social media. She continued to call Republicans excessively afraid of suffering because they did not concede defeat and allow Joe Biden to take control of the White House before verifying who actually won the election.

“The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud. The states have certified the results,” she said.

However, President Trump still has a chance to win a second term since he has officially intervened in the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to reject an emergency GOP appeal to stop Pennsylvania from certifying the November election results.

The Oval Office accused Pennsylvania authorities of manipulating and even ignoring state constitution voting regulations during and after the November presidential race.

“Election officials in each of the defendant states altered or otherwise failed to enforce state election laws in the conduct of the 2020 election,” a motion to the Supreme Court said. “The violations of state election law, which is the ‘manner’ the legislatures of the states have established for choosing presidential electors, violates the electors’ clause of the U.S. Constitution and thus this matter arises under federal law.”

He is also intervening in the way other states ran the election in their respective jurisdictions.

“Plaintiff in intervention seeks leave to file the accompanying bill of complaint in intervention against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the states of Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin (defendant states), challenging their administration of the 2020 presidential election,” the motion said.

“The number of ballots affected by illegal conduct of state elections officials greatly exceeds the current margin between plaintiff in intervention and his opponent in the election for the Office of President in each of the respective defendant states, and the four defendant states collectively have a sufficient number of electoral votes to affect the result of the vote in the Electoral College for the Office of President,” the motion added.

The president believes Supreme Court justices will decide the outcome of the election.

“The Supreme Court has a chance to save our country from the greatest election abuse in the history of the United States,” he said on Twitter. “78% of the people feel (know!) the election was rigged.”

“If somebody cheated in the Election, which the Democrats did, why wouldn’t the Election be immediately overturned? How can a Country be run like this?” he added on Twitter.

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