A Republican governor will do everything in his power to acquit a Missouri couple who face potential legal action for showing anti-police protesters they are armed.

Gov. Mike Parson is willing to pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey, if they are charged with brandishing a rifle when extreme “anarchist” demonstrators gathered outside their St. Louis home on June 28. The weapon was confiscated after the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department searched the property.

“By all means, I would [pardon them] and I do think that is exactly what would happen,” he told 97.1FM’s “Marc Cox Morning Show.” 

The governor believes Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s intolerance and plan to sue the couple for choosing to exercise their “Second Amendment rights” appears to be more like a matter of pride rather than law enforcement.

“Right now this is all about going after them because they did an awful act,” he said. “If that scenario happened I do not think they are going to spend any time in jail.”

He believes the prosecutor’s threat to sue is only prolonging civil unrest, which spread across the nation after Minnesotan George Floyd died in police custody on May 25.

“What Kim Gardner has done is make a situation a lot worse, making it more political by attempting to file charges against them,” he said. “That thing is just out of control there and somehow it has got to be reeled in.”

Parson reaffirmed the McCloskeys’ legal right to take reasonable steps to defend their property from intruders.

“You are talking about the opportunity of the law to stand your ground and the castle doctrine, which I helped write in Missouri,” he said. “They did what they legally should do.”

It was actually the protesters who should be examined to see whether their actions constitute a punishable offense.

“A mob does not have the right to charge your property or come on your property not knowing what their intent is,” the governor said. “She and he had every right to protect themselves.”

He will join the Oval Office in keeping Missouri safe from violent riots, looting of businesses, and vandalism against historical and religious monuments.

“As a former sheriff, law enforcement officer for over 22 years, and now governor, when it comes to supporting law enforcement officers and their families who are under attack, I will always stand with President Donald Trump and have their backs,” he said on Twitter.

He suggested residents and business owners, who want to see law and order return to the Gateway to the West, should vote for the Republican Party at the general election on Nov. 3.

“GOP and President Donald Trump are working hard to take violent criminals off of our streets and stop these crazy efforts to defund the police,” he said on Twitter. “Joe Biden and the Democrats are allowing the radical left to make our communities less safe.”

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