An activist group, which encourages mothers to deliberately terminate their pregnancies, is giving major financial support to the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

Planned Parenthood has officially endorsed Joe Biden in his tilt for the Oval Office at the upcoming election on Nov. 3. The decision means proceeds from the pro-choice organization’s Action Fund, which is raising $45 million for multiple Democratic candidates, will also flow to Biden’s 2020 campaign.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund described the general election as a “fight for our country’s very survival,” especially on abortion rights and predicts an uncertain future if President Donald Trump wins a second term in office.

The Trump administration has amended a number of policies to limit women from accessing the controversial procedures, and appointed two conservative judges to the U.S. Supreme Court who are widely reported to support the federal government’s efforts to stop ending the lives of unborn babies.

“This election we have a choice between Donald Trump, whose incompetence and disregard for the law are a danger to us all, and Joe Biden, who is committed to fighting for reproductive health and rights for all,” acting President Alexis McGill Johnson said in a statement obtained by Reuters.

The organization is particularly pleased with Biden’s support in passing the Affordable Care Act through Congress back when he was vice president in the previous Barack Obama administration, which championed pro-choice rights.

The president previously expressed his opposition to abortion procedures and compared the act to killing a defenseless victim.

“Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House,” he said in January according to the news agency.

Biden separately attracted $81 million for his election campaign during May and on June 15 he raked in $6 million at an online fundraiser, which was attended by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and about 600 other guests.

The candidate appeared to momentarily forget that he still needed to win the election before becoming the next president.

“I understand what these dollars mean,” he said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press. “When facing uncertainty and recession, you chose to back me. I will never forget that and I promise that when I am president, I will not let you down.”

The incumbent believes Biden will lose no matter how much money is donated to his election campaign because the results speak for themselves.

“I have done more in less than four years than Biden’s done in more than 40 years, including for Black America,” the president said on Twitter. “Biden has been a part of every failed decision for decades. Bad trade deals, endless wars, you name it, he has shown a complete lack of leadership. He is weak and shot.”

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