According to retro music artist Stephanie Mills, a rap musician allegedly behaved as a servant who was financially compensated for standing as a candidate for the U.S. presidency.

Kanye West has been accused of being a “paid slave” only because he is running for the Oval Office at the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

After feeling frustrated about comedian Nick Cannon’s support for West’s election campaign, Mills alleged, “For you [Cannon] to come out and do what you did, like supporting Kanye, what is that, what is that?” she said in a video shared on Instagram. “I do not understand it, Kanye is being paid to do what he is doing. Now are we to believe that you are also being paid to be a distraction?”

The singer claimed West’s recent teary speech, about how he was nearly aborted during his mother’s pregnancy, was a clear case of mental illness that should disqualify him from candidacy.

“Kanye is suffering mentally, I know that he is swinging high and low … but I must say that I am disappointed because, if he is trying to help our community by running for president, it is not helping our [African American] community,” she said. “He is not qualified to be president, neither is the person at the White House at this time … what we need is for Kanye to get help, to get on medication [and] to see a therapist.”

Mills, who openly supported former President Barack Obama, used the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus to object to non-Democratic Party members standing for the presidential election.

“Kanye is a distraction and we are living in some really, really trying times where we do not need distractions,” she said. “People are losing their homes, they cannot pay their rent, people cannot buy food for their children or their family. We have no time for you two to be out here acting like little paid slaves. I said it.”

She then accused Cannon and West of being childish and told them both to seek a mental health professional for advice.

“Nick you should know better because you have learned and listened to the teachings, so you should know better, you should know better because I just saw you,” she said. “You guys are acting like little boys in a sandbox with toys but being that you are acting like that, as a mother, I would like to say take your toys, go home and sit down, and get help.”

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