A data analysis and political consulting firm predicts the president will succeed at flipping Arizona when the election outcome is declared.

Phoenix-based Data Orbital believes President Donald Trump is highly likely to defeat Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the Grand Canyon State.

The firm verified NBC‘s estimates for the number of early ballots still needing to be processed in 10 pivotal counties that could help the incumbent overtake Biden to win another four years in the Oval Office.

They include:

  • Gila: about 2,300
  • Graham: about 1,100
  • Greenlee: 652
  • La Paz: 880
  • Maricopa: more than 250,000
  • Pima: about 92,000
  • Pinal: about 62,000
  • Santa Cruz: about 3,000
  • Yavapai: about 10,000
  • Yuma: about 19,000

“This breakdown is inline with what we are estimating and why we believe President Donald Trump will carry AZ,” a Data Orbital representative said on Twitter.

Data Orbital revealed there are even more uncounted ballots that are likely to strongly support the Republican Party.

“We estimate [there are still] about 500,000 outstanding ballots,” the representative said. “These ballots are heavily Republican and will break in his favor.”

The firm believes most of the outstanding early ballots are from Maricopa County in the state’s south and these are also likely to support re-electing President Trump.

“The analysis on outstanding ballots mostly being from Maricopa and favoring Biden misses a huge factor: at least 250k of the remaining ballots have a Republican advantage of 20 percent,” the representative said on Twitter. “Unlike in other states, late earlies will favor Trump.”

This would explain discrepancies in Google data which, at the time of publication, confirmed more than 2.7 million votes counted in Arizona, from which Biden had 51 percent, the president 47.6 percent, and Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen 1.4 percent.

Several Arizona voters previously complained that ballots marked with Sharpie felt tip pens were rejected at the polls, while those marked with typical ballpoint pens were accepted.

A video that has since gone viral shows two women who said they witnessed ballots being refused because they were filled out with Sharpie felt-tipped pens. A man can be heard saying, “So, they’re invalidating votes is what they are doing.”

Another woman who was off-camera also commented that polling station officers were invalidating votes while the first woman who appears on the video adds, “There was a guy who actually came out and yelled at me … three times.”

“So, people are coming here to vote for Donald Trump and those votes are all getting invalidated, that’s what’s going on,” the man said.

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