A Republican senator from South Carolina believes the incumbent president holds the key to recovering from the devastating impact of a deadly Asian virus.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) maintains President Donald Trump staying in public office for another four years will give the nation the best chance of bouncing back from the health and economic effects of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

“President Trump, in my view, fixed a broken economy once, he is the best bet to do it twice,” the senator told the “Brian Kilmeade Show.” “He fixed the broken economy of [Barack] Obama-[Joe] Biden years that was stagnant and going nowhere, he has shown his ability to rebuild a broken economy.”

Graham encouraged voters to decide carefully who they wanted to repair the economy at the next general election on Nov. 3.

“Who do you want to fix an economy broken by a virus, somebody like [Democratic presidential candidate] Biden or somebody like [President] Trump?” he said. “To me that is not a hard decision.”

The senator is confident voters will recognize the positive contribution the president made to the economy when they have their say at the polls.

“In my view the public is going to look at President Trump’s first three years and say, ‘This is the guy that led us out of economic stagnation. He took a wet blanket off the economy, he got it humming,'” he said according to Fox News. “Once the virus is contained, and eventually it will be, who can rebuild an economy that took a hit? I mean, Trump’s got a much better argument that he can rebuild it a second time because we know he did it the first time.”

Graham believes this is not the time to blame any elected representative for their handling of the CCP Virus.

“I do not think anybody in their right mind is going to blame the president for the coronavirus,” he said according to the broadcaster. “The testing program that we had in place was designed to do mass testing–that was before he got here.”

Politicians should instead focus their energy on the unknown impacts of the virus.

“How much containment should we do?” the senator said. “How much will this virus grow before we get it contained? … it is good news that we have got testing programs down the product sector that can do it on an industrial scale. It is [also] good that we have testing sites outside of public health facilities so we can get more people tested.”

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