Anybody with an interest in decisions that exercise rule of the nation is welcome to comment on matters of national importance, the president said.

President Donald Trump is inviting people from across the United States to speak up on a variety of national issues. He recently released a 24-question survey, covering a variety of topics like voter satisfaction, media objectivity, election promises, drug enforcement, and immigration ahead of the general election on Nov. 3.

“Yesterday marked six months until Election Day and I want your input on some very important issues,” he said on Facebook. “Take my campaign’s official survey now to make sure your voice is heard.”

The questions include whether respondents approve of the president’s performance so far and whether the results he achieved were more favorable than what former Democratic President Barack Obama accomplished after spending two terms in the Oval Office.

“Do you feel the agenda you voted for in 2016 is being implemented?” the survey asked. “Are you happier with President Trump’s first 3.5 years than cheatin’ Obama’s [eight years]?”

It also asked how voters feel about mainstream media bias against the president, and whether the Trump administration should force the responsible media outlets to answer for their actions such as spreading misinformation.

“Do you believe the fake news media has fairly covered President Trump throughout his presidency?” the survey asked. “Do you believe that the fake news media is actively working against the Trump administration … [and] do you believe news outlets should be held accountable for reporting false stories about President Trump and his administration?”

The study gave the example of his 2016 general election promise to crack down on illegal immigration into the country through the U.S.-Mexico border.

The president’s strategy included an ambitious plan to build a perimeter made from either concrete barriers, steel fencing or relocatable “roll-up” towers with attached motion sensors and video surveillance equipment. The BL news website understands the full project could cost up to $45 billion.

“Do you believe we should finish the wall at the southern border?” the survey asked. “Do you agree that U.S. citizenship is a privilege that should only be extended to the best and brightest candidates, after an extremely rigorous screening process?”

The president also questioned the constitutional legality of so-called sanctuary cities that limit or deny cooperation with the federal government when information is requested about criminals in custody.

“Do you agree with President Trump that sanctuary cities are in violation of U.S. law, i.e. illegal?” the survey asked. “Do you agree that President Trump is leading our country in the right direction … [and] do you believe that President Trump is putting America first with every decision that he makes?”

The questionnaire ends with whether voters would prefer a Trump administration or a Joe Biden administration.

“Who would you rather lead our nation? President Trump or ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden,” the survey asked. “As of today, will you vote for President Trump on Election Day?”

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