Pima County, Arizona, is the land of the blue, and mainstream media has used the liberal stronghold as a strong point in its argument that Biden has Arizona sown up in the election. However, the president has taken 14,484 (51%) of the recent 28,344 ballots just read from Pima, with Biden collecting 13,045 (46%.)

There are roughly 330,000 more votes to be counted for the state, and the president is only behind in Arizona by 56,547 votes, reported TheGatewayPundit.

Chuck Callesto, a former candidate for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, sent a tweet.

Political consultant and editor of Intellectual Conservative Rachel Alexander also commented on Twitter.

Some news outlets, including Fox News and The Associated Press, called Arizona, with its 11 Electoral College votes early for Joe Biden, but it is apparent it is equally, if not more likely to appear in the president’s column as a win. The Arizona call put Biden’s Electoral College votes at 264, just six short of the required 270.

AP made its call on Arizona “after an analysis of ballots cast statewide concluded there were not enough outstanding to allow Trump to catch up.”

“With 80 percent of the expected vote counted, Biden was ahead by 5 percentage points, with a roughly 130,000-vote lead over Trump with about 2.6 million ballots counted,” AP wrote. “The remaining ballots left to be counted, including mail-in votes in Maricopa County, where Biden performed strongly, were not enough for Trump to catch up to the former vice president.”

The Trump campaign is confident the president will win the state of Arizona.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has dwarfed the president’s spending by more than 6-1 on advertisements in Southern Arizona, reported Tuscom.com.

Reports from Cox Media put Biden’s outlay in areas south of Phoenix at $1 million, whereas the president’s outlay was $155,000 by late October.

In Phoenix, Biden spent $5.7 million, compared to the president’s $600,000.



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